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ON Semiconductors Brings-in Its Own SiC Diodes For Innovative Automotive Applications

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Shreepanjali Mod

ON Semiconductors recently expanded its SiC (Silicon Carbide) Schottky diode portfolio for inclusion of devices meant for most demanding automotive applications. The advanced AEC-Q101 automotive grade SiC diodes are capable of delivering much higher strength and reliability demanded by present day automotive applications a long with countless performance advantages quite similar to Wide Band Gap (WBG) technologies. SiC technology offers much better reliability and performance as compared to silicon devices. 

Fig. 1: The New SiC Diode By ON Semiconductors 
(Image source: On Semiconductor)

Diodes do not have any reverse recovery current, the switching temperature is also free of temperature. At par thermal performance, lower EMI, enhanced power density, and lower cost as well as system size make SiC a compelling alternative for more and more high-performance automotive applications. The advanced SiC diodes from ON Semiconductors can be availed in famous through-hole and surface mount packages, it includes DPAK, D2PAK, and TO-247.

The FFSHx065 650 V Gen2 and FFSHx0120 1200 Volt (V) Gen 1 devices provide loads of perks including low forward voltage, zero reverse recovery, very low leakage current, positive temperature coefficient, as well as higher surge capacity. These result into improved efficiency while rapid recovery enhances the switching speeds, which brings down the dimensions of magnetic components needed for the task. To meet the requirements for robustness and reliability under harsh ambience of automotive applications, these diodes were designed to stand strong against surge currents. The framework also include patented unique termination structure that improves stability and reliability.

The Senior Director of ON Semiconductors, Fabio Necco, likes to add that, “By expanding our Schottky diode range with AEC qualified devices, ON Semiconductor is bringing the significant benefits of SiC technology to automotive applications, allowing our customers to achieve the demanding performance requirements of this sector. SiC technology is a perfect fit for the automotive environment where it delivers greater efficiency, faster switching, improved thermal performance and high levels of robustness. In a sector where saving space and weight are critical, the greater power density of SiC, which helps reduce overall solution size, along with the associated benefit of smaller magnetics, is most welcome.”