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ON Semiconductors Brings-in The Most Extensive Design, Evaluation, and Research Tool - The Strata Developer Studio™

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Shreepanjali Mod

ON Semiconductors is striving hard to make things as simple as possible for its design engineers. The evident proof of these efforts can be seen in release of the first cloud-based development platform called The Strata Developer Studio™. The first of its kind, this one offers a safe, personalized and seamless environment to design and evaluate the ON Semiconductor technologies.

Fig. 1: Image Showing Strata Developer Studio from ON Semiconductors (Official PR)

The new platform promises a much simpler and a faster way for development and evaluation boards, giving out the latest application notes, design, product information, documentation, reference design files straight over to the desktop. The unmatched functionality of this platform makes Strata one of the leading design tools present in the industry.

It has been stated that all new evaluation boards from ON Semiconductor will support Strata which means these boards will be identified by Strata Developer Studio as soon as these get connected to computer of the host. The platform promises an interactive interface of the board providing direct control of visual feedback and configuration parameters of board’s functionality. Strata will simultaneously download complete design information needed by engineer to begin design or evaluation.

Edward Osburn, the Strata Project General Manager from ON Semiconductor further adds, “We reimagined the research, evaluation, and design process of hardware systems, creating a holistic Software as a Service (SaaS) solution to unencumber and speed customers in their quest to develop innovative new products. Gone are the archaic and outdated hardware evaluation paradigms hampering our customers’ ability to deliver amazing products.”

The functionality of Strata Developer Studio will rapidly rise in coming months, the firm plans to inculcate new features so that it can support new boards. The first level boards will com embedded with a Dual 100W USB-PD Automotive Charging System, a Configurable Multifunction Logic Gate, as well as Universal Offline 200W 4-port TYpe-C USB-PD Source.