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ON Semiconductors Brings-in New Industrial and Automotive Certified SiC MOSFETs

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Shreepanjali Mod

ON Semiconductor recently released two advanced SiC (Silicon Carbide) MOSFET devices. These two new products are the AEC-Q101 automotive grade NVHL080N120SC1 and industrial grade NVHL080N120SC1. The two additions promise plethora of performance wide band gap technology benefits to some of the most crucial high growth end application areas like server power supplies, solar power supplies, uninterruptible power supplies, electric vehicles, Automotive DCDC, as well as onboard charger applications.

Fig. 1: The New SiC MOSFETs Released By ON Semiconductors
ON Semiconductors aims to strengthen its extensive SiC ecosystem that has complementary devices like SiC drivers and SiC diodes. The ecosystem also includes some of the vital resources like application information, SPICE models, and device simulation tools. Most of these resources are meant to help systems and design engineers meet challenges related to high frequency circuit development.

The new 1200 Volts, 80 milliohm SiC MOSFETs are pretty robust and meet all parameters of present day high frequency designs. These fuse high power density with high efficiency operations that bring down operational as well as overall system cost and size courtesy its small footprint.

Key Features

● Low leakage current.

● Rapid intrinsic diode.

● Low reverse recovery charge.

● Steep reduction in power loss.

● Great support for higher frequency operations.

● Awesome power density.

● Lower Eon and Eoff combined with low forward voltage.

● Lower device capacitance allowing ability to switch at extremely high temperatures.

● Patented termination structure ensuring more ruggedness and reliability.

● Higher surge, lesser EMI issues, more robustness to short-circuits, and avalanche capability.

● Maximum operating temperature of 175 degrees centigrade makes it perfect for automotive designs, high density as well as space constraint applications.

In Maker’s Words

The vice president and General Manager of Power MOSFET division, Power Solution Group at ON Semiconductors, Gary Straker, adds, “Increasingly, the most important applications and current mega trends demand all-round performance beyond that of regular silicon devices. ON Semiconductor’s comprehensive SiC portfolio, enhanced by the introduction of these two new MOSFETs and supported by an ecosystem of tools and resources, means that not only can we provide the complete wide band gap component solution, but that we can lead engineers through the development and design-in process to achieve a solution that performs to expectations, is cost-effective and has reliability coupled with longevity.”