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Smart Home Audio Challenges To Be Addressed By A New Trio Of Class-D Amplifiers

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Shreepanjali Mod

Texas Instruments recently came up with three new Class-D audio amplifiers capable of delivering high-resolution audio in voice-enabled and smart-home applications.  The advanced modulation schemes, first-in-its-class integration, and real-time protection will allow engineers to bring down the bill-of-materials costs along with board space.

Promises Integrated Protection and Premium Sound For Sound Bar and Smart Speakers
(Image Source: Texas Instrument)

The trio of these new Class-D audio amplifiers has been designed to deal with smart home applications on a domestic level, needless to say, these Class-D audio amplifiers pave way for much better customization than their counterparts. The best part about this trio of Class-D audio amplifiers is their range of implementation that allows these to sync with all kinds of personal electronics hailing from any power range, it means you can use them for soundbars as well as projectors, IoT applications, notebooks, televisions as well as smart speakers. Here are some more crucial details about each TI’s Class-D audio amplifiers:

●      TAS2770 15-w Amplifier: The highlighting feature of this amplifier is that it is capable of driving high-output peak power through smallest of speakers. It keeps a close check on the behavior of a loudspeaker and gives a raise to loudness without disturbing it's quality. You don’t need to alter the design of speakers for adding voice command. Also, these are quite useful when it comes to prevention of brownout and audio clipping.

●      TAS5825M: Allows one to enhance and secure system audio quality with least effort. Along with, it also offers bass enhancement as well as thermal protection for a speaker. Its dedicated serial audio interface data output promises cool sound information for a speaker. Lower power consumption is another perk you can count on.

             ●      TAS3251: Mainly helps in improving system reliability as well as sound quality. Helps in attainment of high-power, reliable audio.