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STMicroelectronics and Leti Bring Up GaN-on-Silicon Technology for Power Conversion Applications

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Shreepanjali Mod

It is a well known fact that STMicroelectronics is a leading semiconductors maker across the globe and is admired for serving customers using various electronics applications.Leti, on the other hand, is a CEA tech research institute. Both companies recently announced that they have joined hand for industrializing GaN-on-Silicon (Gallium Nitride) technologies to cater power switching devices. This new power GaN-on-Si technology would allow ST to address high-power, high-efficiency applications along with automotive on-board chargers for wireless charging, hybrid vehicles, electric vehicles, servers, and so forth.

This association would focus on qualification and development of developed power GaN-on-Silicon transistor and diode framework over  200mm wafers. A research firm IHS Markit estimates that the market of these wafers would grow at CAGR up to more than 20% from 2019 - 2024. Together with the IRT Nanoelec framework, Leti and ST would design and develop the process technology for Leti’s 200mm R&D line and expect certified engineering samples in 2019. Along with, ST would set up a completely certified manufacturing line including Si/GaN hetero-epitaxy for the initial production that would be produced in ST’s front-end wafer lab located in Tours, France in next two years.

As Marco Monti, the President of Automotive and Discrete Group at STMicroelectronics, likes to add, “Recognizing the incredible value of wide-bandgap semiconductors, ST's contributions in Power GaN-on-Si manufacturing and packaging technologies with CEA-Leti move to arm us with the industry's most complete portfolio of GaN and SiC products and capabilities, on top of our proven competence to manufacture high-quality, reliable products in volume.”

Leti’s CEO Emmanuel Sabonnadiere further adds, “Leveraging Leti's 200mm generic platform, Leti's team is fully committed to supporting ST's strategic GaN-on-Si power-electronics roadmap and is ready to transfer the technology onto ST's dedicated GaN-on-Si manufacturing line in Tours. This co-development, involving teams from both sides, leverages the IRT Nanoelec framework program to broaden the required expertise and innovate from the start at device and system levels.”