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Sophisticated Cyber Protection introduced in Ultra-Low-Power Microcontrollers For Safer IoT

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Shreepanjali Mod

The global semiconductor leader for complete range of electronics applications, STMicroelectronics, recently brought-in sophisticated cyber-protection to the power hungry connecting devices with the latest STM32L5 microcontroller series with the Arm Cortex -M33 core.

Fig. 1: Image Showing STMicroelectronics STM32L5 MCU Series

This one is being built on Cortex-M33 that can enhance protection for small size devices through integration of Arm’s TrustZone hardware-based security. The STM32L5-series MCUs from ST further add enhancements including hardware cryptographic accelerators, key storage, secure boot, and flexible software isolation. These MCUs would also offer better performance, rich functionality, along with longer run-times that are powered with energy harvesting or coin cells. These coin cells eat up as small as 33nA at the shutdown mode and are capable of achieving 402 ULPMark-CP inside the EEMBC ULPBench.

This new MCU series is built on Company’s excellence in lower-power techniques like real-time acceleration, adaptive voltage scaling, multiple reduced-power operational modes that are proved their mettle in the earlier STM32L series. As the Microcontroller Division General Manager of STMicroeletronics, Ricardo De Sa Earp puts it, “The STM32L5 series with TrustZone and additional custom protection features considerably strengthens and hardens cyber-protection for small IoT devices. Also featuring our unique energy-saving technologies, rich connectivity, and smart digital and analog peripherals, these devices will be the first choice to host cutting-edge connected applications." 

According to John Ronco, the general manager and vice president of EMbedded & Automotive Line of Business Arm, “IoT devices are increasing in intelligence and functionality, and security needs to be built in from the ground up. Arm's Platform Security Architecture (PSA), a common framework for security implementation, aims to put security at the heart of IoT. The STM32L5 series makes it easier for developers to build trusted devices on the PSA framework with the Cortex-M33 processor, TrustZone technology and enhanced SoC security features."