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STMicroelectronics NFC Technology Distinguishes TCL Communication’s Smartphone With Superb Contactless User Experience

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Shreepanjali Mod

STMicroelectronics is one of the leading names for semiconductors in electronics applications. The firm recently hit headlines when it introduced its NFC (Near-Field Communication) technology that backs contactless features of TCL Communications newly revealed Alcatel 3V smartphone. For now the STMicroelectronics’ Near-Field Communication technology is only available for European markets. 

Fig. 1: STMicroelectronics In Alcatel 3V Smartphone

(Image source: Business Insider

TCL Communication went for the STMicroelectronics’ Near-Field Communication-controller chip for its unmatched advanced technology that will enhance RF performance without consuming battery life. Through this inclusion, TCL wishes to ensure better user experience and convenience.

The STMicroelectronics’ Near-Field Communication technology promises much better connectivity giving a new meaning to reliable and rapid contactless e-tickets transactions, payments, emergency contact, as well as peer-to-peer data transfer. The list of tasks supported by the STMicroelectronics’ Near-Field Communication technology is pretty long, it also includes features like interaction with “physical-web” entities such as store-shelves ot smart posters.

As the General Manager, Global Marketing from TCL Communication, Stefan Streit, puts it, “With the all-new direction of our Alcatel 2018 smartphone portfolio, we are committed to continuing delivering high-quality and affordably priced smartphones that appear more premium than their price. We are pleased to partner with ST to equip Alcatel 3V with reliable and secure contactless connections for our customers around the globe and to provide even richer experiences and superior interoperability throughout the numerous contactless terminals in their everyday lives. The support provided by ST and the highly effective collaboration between our technical teams helped us quickly achieve the applicable certifications for the Alcatel 3V."

Laurent Degauque, the Marketing Director from Secure Microcontroller Division, STMicroelectronics, further adds that, “The high RF performance of ST's NFC solution maximizes freedom and flexibility to optimize new product designs. Leveraging that flexibility effectively streamlined NFC integration on the Alcatel 3V smartphone, ultimately ensuring shorter time to revenue for our customer, TCL Communication."