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STMicroelectronics Releases STM32MP1 Microprocessor Series To Speed up Smart Industry and IoT Innovations

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Shreepanjali Mod

STMicroelectronics is now making use of its Arm Cortex excellence for expansion of abilities of STM32 MCU portfolio that is currently leading the industry. The portfolio caters requirements of applications striving for better resources, performance, and large open-source software.

Fig. 1: Image Showing STM32MP1 Series 

The release of STM32MP1 multicore microprocessor series with graphic support, compute support, high feature integration, and power-efficient real-time control paves way for smoother development of high-performance solutions for wellness, health, Smart Home, consumer, and industrial applications.

What’s So Special About STM32MP1 Series Microprocessors?

The new series microprocessors take leverage from a strong predecessor STM32 family ecosystem from ST as well as its partners. The introduction of OPenSTLInus as an open-source, streamlined Linux distribution system expands the STM32 family takes care of most crucial customer needs especially with respect to power-constrained, real-time applications.

The specific combination of software and MPU allows ST to assemble every single piece needed to match the product supply needs of professional and industrial applications. However, you can rest assured that the STM32MP1 stays true to ST’s decade long longevity commitment.

What’s Its Maker has to Say?

The General Manager of STMicroelectronics’ Microcontroller Division, Ricardo De Sa Earp, says, “The STM32MP1 brings the strength of the STM32 experience to the applications that need MPU compute and graphics support, combined with power efficient real-time control and high feature integration. Our commitment to consolidating open-source Linux software and microcontroller development support, combined with the longevity that consumer-oriented alternatives cannot equal, establish solid confidence in STM32MP1 for embedded MPU projects.”

Why Consider STM32MP1?

The launch of STM32MP1 microprocessor series ensures that customers are able to bring-up a complete new range of applications with the help of new STM32 heterogeneous framework that fuses Arm Cortex-M and Cortex A cores. This results into much faster processing of real-time assignments over a single chip allowing them to achieve best power optimization.