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Ultra Low-Power S1JA MCU with 48 MHz Arm Cortex To Cater Industrial IoT Sensor Applications

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Shreepanjali Mod

Renesas Electronics Corporation recently expanded the Renesas Synergy™ S1 Microcontrollers (MCU) series by introducing the S1JA MCU Group. These new ultra-low power consuming S1JA MCUs come loaded with 48 MHz Arm Cortex - M23 core and are capable of integrating the best-in-class programmable security and analog functions for more precise sensor signal acquisition as well as conditioning.  The S1JA MCUs will cater the needs of low power and cost sensitive IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) sensor applications like multisensor systems, flow control meters, instrumentation systems, single-phase electricity meters and headless medical monitors.

Fig. 1: Image Showing Renesas Synergy Low-Power S1JA MCus with INtegraed Programmable Analog

As Daryl Khoo, the Vice President Product Marketing, IoT Platform Business Division from Renesas Electronics Corporation, puts it, “The S1JA is the first MCU in the Renesas Synergy Series to offer rich analog features. Offering superior programmable analog capabilities gives customers the utmost MCU flexibility to explore algorithms that maximize performance and achieve design goals without adding significant overhead to BOM cost and board space.”

The ultra low power feature allows these MCUs to extend battery life for battery backup and battery-operated portable applications. These also have the best-in-class software standby mode that takes in just 500nA for activating 20-year battery-operated applications that stay in sleep mode for extended period of time. Alongwith, the S1JA’s integrated AES cryptography accelerator, memory units, and TRNG (True Random Number Generator) allow the fundamental blocks to develop a very safe and secure system that stays connected with the cloud.

The Renesas Synergy Software Package also backs up the S1JA MCUs along with HAL drivers, RTOS and application frameworks. The SSP also comes with six advanced units that can simplify the interconnectivity with configurable internal analog blocks. Those dealing with embedded systems can make use of Renesas Synergy development environment or IAR Embedded Workbench for bulding and customization of their designs.