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What Do You Know About Front-end Module For Smart Metering and ISM?

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Shreepanjali Mod

Skyworks recently introduced the SKY66119-11, an advanced high performance transmit/receive FEM (Front-End Module) that offers range extension for IoT (Internet of Things) applications including smart metering as well as the ISm (Industrial, Scientific, and Medical) systems. The major features of SKY66119-11 are as follows:

●      It has an RF frequency range of 450-470 MHz.

●      The typical transmit/receive gain is at 15.5 / 25 dB.

●      The receive figure of SKY66119-11 stands at 13.3 dB.

●      The saturated output power stands at 30.5 dBm.

●      THe supply voltage figure is 3.6V.

●      PA/LNA bypass mode available.

●      Can be availed in a packaging of  28-pin MCM 6 x 6 x 1.05mm.


                                                  Fig. 1: SKY66119-11 Module By Skyworks
(Image source: Skyworks)

It is a high performance front-end module that offers a complete T/R chain with T/R switches. This device’s transmit chain has a +30.5 dBm output. The device receives chain has a LNA (Low-Noise Amplifier) with a 1.3dB noise figure (NF) along with 15.5dB gain. The module also comes with a shut-down mode, a LNA bypass mode, and a PA bypass mode for minimizing power consumption. It is mounted in a 6 x 6mm Multi-Chip Module, 28-pin SMT (Surface Mount Technology) package that permits highly manufacturable low-cost solution.

This module was designed  with respect to designs and products from Texas Instruments and Silicon Labs. In integration with partner platforms, the SKY66119-11 is suitable enough to cater present day demands for cost-effective, low-power, and long range solutions.