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What Do You Know About The New Universal Compute Modules That Just Entered The Market?

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Shreepanjali Mod

The years and years of research and development has finally bore some sweet fruits. GHI Electronics recently came up with Universal Compute Module (UCM) Standard quite enthusiastically.

Fig. 1: The Universal Compute Module Standard
(Image Source: GHI Electronics)

The new Universal Compute Module standard maps up an ideal set of peripherals that can be pinned over a SODIMM200-format module. It also adds up an abstraction layer to hardware designs. With the help of these Universal Compute Module standard, the designers can now work on developing a system which memory or processor you may finally need. The system would become a power supply smply and any other analog circuitry need for the system. All complicated digital circuitry would be hosted over the Universal Compute Module.

The Universal Compute Module Standard can be availed in form of two product families: the UC2550 and UC5550. The two families are based on Cortex-M4 and Cortex-M7 respectively. The optional Wi-Fi and QSPI flash allows these Universal Compute Module families cover every kind of requirements and needs. Alongwith, the Universal Compute Module families can be customized further to fit-in your requirements.

GHI Electronics is also offering development options that aid in development and evaluation with any Universal Compute Module. With the help of this universal standard, any Universal Compute Module unit can work on any kind of development alternatives.

As expected from GHI Electronics, it is a juncture where hardware meets wiith software. To accomplish this, they are bringing-in support for TinyCLR OS to these newly developed Universal Compute Modules. TinyCLR OS is bringing .NET to embedded and IoT devices. Though the Universal Compute Module standard is licensed and available for GHI electronics products, you can also allowed to run your personal software.