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World’s First Intelligent Autonomous and Completely Wireless Underwater Drone “iBubble”

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Shreepanjali Mod

Notilo Plus, the company dedicated to development of autonomous, intelligent underwater systems, recently made it to headlines by launching world’s first underwater, completely wireless drone - iBubble. This drone can stay with divers for more than 60 minutes with depth as low as 197 feet. Whether you wish to use it as your cameramen or witness with more efficient underwater imaging, it will be there for everything.


Fig. 1: Representational Image of Notilo Plus’ iBubble

There are very few people who know that the novel ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) was developed with the help of Notilo Plus’ patented underwater localization technology that allows subaquatic adventures without any tethers. It has been blessed with a highly advanced AI system that provides complete autonomy as well as some self-learning attributes. iBubble has been loaded with  state-of-the-art obstacle avoidance system that allows the drone to follow the diver smoothly while capturing images with unmatched quality for commercial as well as personal use. It also features a very unique real-time image recognition and stabilization system along with direct surface control offering exceptional performance for underwater imaging.

The best part is that the iBubble ROV is an eco-friendly system. It wouldn’t create any disturbance with the delicate marine ecosystem  credits to its minimal noise emission level as well as the obstacle avoidance ability. iBubble can also be used for entertainment and sports filming, wildlife protection, rescue and search operation, underwater or naval infrastructure maintenance along with subsea patrolling.

The CEO of Notilo Plus, Nicolas Gambini, further adds, “We are excited to introduce to the world the first fully wireless, autonomous underwater drone. With the countless cutting edge technologies brought by the iBubble, coupled with its ability to bring exceptional pictures and video footage, this is a remarkable and versatile device for any diving activity.” The first batch of these drones will be delivered by Mid-November 2018.