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We are always looking for originally developed interesting projects/ideas (Electronic Circuit, Application, Tutorial, DIY, Robot etc) to be published at EG. If you wish to publish a project you have developed, use the form below to submit the same to be reviewed by our teams. Please read the guidelines and submission process before submitting the project. Every work that is selected and published is entitled to an honorarium as mentioned in the payment section.


1.Project:   Your project should be complete and must have a successful working prototype (hardware and/or software). We do not accept papers and simulation. 

2.Write Up:  Write up should be in English language, contains all the necessary details, simple to understand with clear explanation, well structure and organized.

3.Images& Videos:  Ensure to incorporate and support your write up with all the necessary images (block diagram, project images, circuit diagram etc) wherever required. Also add a working Video of the project. 

4.Code: Include all the software files required to successfully build the project.

Copyrights :

- Copyright remains with the author. First Electronics Rights will remain with EngineersGarage. However, should your piece be published again, we request an acknowledgement stating that the piece was first published at EngineersGarage.

- The website reserves the rights to archive and anthologize your work - electronically and in print.

- Content that is covered by Intellectual Property rights like photographs, schematics, files, and videos, you agree to specifically give us the following permission: you grant us a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide license to use any IP content that you post on or in connection with EngineersGarage (“IP License”)

Submission Process :

1. Submit your project using the application form below. You will receive an acknowledgement email within 7-10 business days.

2. All work received in previous month will be considered for reviewing in current month.

3. Our teams will inform you about the acceptance/rejection of your work by the end of the current month.

4. Upon acceptance of your project, your account details will be collected by our teams and your payments will be done online by 7th of the next month.

For example work received in the month of Aug shall be reviewed in the month of Sep and payments will be done by 7th of Oct. There might be  a delay of       7-10 business days in this cycle due unforeseen circumstances or public holidays.

5. For any queries related to submissions, you may write to us using our Contact Us page.

Upload your description of project in an editable document file. Insert Images within the document.
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Allowed file types: txt rtf doc docx gz rar tar zip.
Add all the required code files
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Attach any other files that is necessary to build the project
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