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Fast track the prototyping and production of secure connected devices for the #IOT.

Afero® has launched its Modulo-2TM development kit that incorporates our SAM G55 ARM® Cortex-M4® based MCU, ATECC508A CrytpoAuthentication device and ATWINC3400 combination Bluetooth® Low Energy and Wi-Fi® module.

Read more about it here:

ON Semiconductor FAN6290QF Adaptive Charging Controller is a highly integrated, secondary-side power adapter controller compatible with the Quick Charge 3.0 (QC3.0) protocol. An internally adopted synchronous rectifier control helps decrease BOM counts and eases the design process. The FAN6290QF is also a source-only USB Type-C controller that is optimized for mobile chargers and power adapters.

The device supports standard 3A VBUS current level. System reliability is improved by incorporating adaptive output over-voltage and under-voltage protections.

Are you wondering how the new MPLAB LCD 4 In-Circuit Programmer compares to the MPLAB lCD 3?

Then check out this article published by DesignSpark:

Following on from the MPLAB® ICD 3 - the much loved and most popular production programmer for Microchip - comes the New MPLAB® ICD 4 in-circuit debugger/programmer launch...