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The road to zero-emission vehicles is paved with semiconductors. But the automobile is not a friendly environment: ICs face extreme voltages, currents, temperatures and vibration. Further, electric propulsion needs a battery rated in hundreds of volts, which challenges semiconductor materials, processes, designs, packages, and qualification. Managing the batteries of hybrids and full electric vehicles is a key area for innovative high-voltage technologies. Read more about it in the white paper ]]>“Driving the green revolution in transportation.”]]>

Master Bond UV22 represents a significant breakthrough in technology to enhance product performance properties for nanotechnology. This one part, no mix nanosilica filled UV curable epoxy system features exceptional abrasion resistance, outstanding optical clarity and light transmission properties, thermal stability and high bond strength to metals, glass, ceramics, and most plastics including polycarbonates and acrylics.

Selecting the most appropriate circuit protection solution can sometimes prove time-consuming and expensive, a system of trial-and-error, with the emphasis on error that is to say, time-consuming to do properly, and potentially expensive if you don't.  Fundamentally, there are a significant number of choices out there, and with thousands of protection options to begin with, it is difficult to begin with all the possible solutions, much less narrow down to the best choice through trial-and-error.