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Harwin’s Datamate T-Contact is a single-piece beryllium copper (BeCu) female contact capable of up to 8.5A when used in a 2mm pitch Datamate J-Tek housing with 22AWG cable. The design uses a 6-finger construction, which provides improved current-carrying capacity and increased 40G vibration resistance. It also features 30–40µ" (0.76–1.00µm) of gold plating allowing an extended operating life of over 1,000 mating cycles and 60% more contact wipe to improve self-cleaning action.


This tutorial from Zerynth describes how to program our SAMG55 Xplained Pro board in Phython to enable rapid prototyping of IoT projects. A powerful ARM Cortex M4 MCU, an onboard debugger, and three possible power sources – this powerful development board is now supported by Zerynth and ready for all your ideas.



Imagine your customer is expecting an important shipment. Now thinks of all the things that can go wrong before it arrives. With $15 million in misplaced packages a month alone, that worst case scenario is often an unfortunate reality. However, that’s also where the Internet of Things can go from buzzword to business benefit. Enter Hanhaa

A small startup with a big idea, Hanhaa wanted to revolutionize the logistics of shipping worldwide. That’s no easy feat, especially considering that the number of large-scale IoT projects doubled in the year 2017 alone. So, Azhar Hussain, co-founder and CEO of the London-based IoT business, knew he needed to get the company’s solution to market faster than the competition. Partnering with industry leaders like Avnet and TE Connectivity helped them develop a GPS-based package tracker that could not only reduce costs around lost and stolen packages, but also track location, temperature change and handling to increase customer satisfaction and delivery quality with near real-time data. “In IoT especially, a small mistake early in the design process can cost vast amounts of time and money further down the line,” said Paul Jones, Business Development Manager at Avnet Abacus. “Global product development is one of the most complex and resource-heavy endeavors you can take on—especially for IoT entrepreneurs.”