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The SA110 is Apex Microtechnology’s first high current, high voltage, half H-bridge to utilize silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFETs in combination with an digitally controlled integrated gate drive. SiC MOSFETs provide reduced switching losses, lower conduction losses, and a low dependency of RDS(on) over temperature. With integration of the gate drive, switching speeds are greatly improved as parasitic impacts are reduced and easier to control. The SA110 can switch at a very high 400 kHz MAX frequency and provide 28 A of continuous output current. This hybrid is offered in a 12-pin PSIP package to provide a compact footprint along. SA110 is ideal for applications where focus is on over temperature performance, high efficiency, and compact design.

IDT-SDAWIR03-Wireless-Sensor-Evaluation-KitsIDT SDAWIR03 Wireless Sensor Evaluation Kit demonstrates the 6LoWPAN ZWIR4532 low-power wireless module. The kit includes a sensor node module with real-time humidity, temperature and gas flow sensors for data collection. When additional SDAWIR03 sensor node modules are added, it will automatically connect via a mesh network based on IDT’s SensorShare 6LoWPAN protocol to measure, monitor and sense smart home and industrial end applications. The 6LoWPAN wireless mesh connectivity uses an IPv6 address for each sensor module. This quick and easy-to-implement starter kit enables sensor data to link to the Wi-Fi connected hub. 


Ready to get started with your first project using the new AVR-IoT WG Development Board? This video provides you with an overview of the board’s features and then walks you through the easy steps to connecting your board to the Google Cloud and transmitting sensor data in less than 30 seconds.