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What do you know about digital power?

This electronic design ]]>article]]> will help you understand both the challenges and benefits of digital power conversion.Digital power can mean a lot of different things, and digital technologies can bring many benefits if used judiciously. Let’s take a closer look at several myths and legends to help understand the challenges, benefits, and appropriate use of digital technology for power conversion.

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In this tutorial we will develop a simple but powerful Iot thermometer using 32-bit SAM MCU,some mikroElectronika clickboards and Zerynth App.

]]>Zerynth App]]> is a mobile application for Android and iOS that allows fast prototyping of graphical interfaces for your IoT projects.

With Zerynth App you can turn any mobile into the controller and display for smart objects and IoT systems! In particular, you can manage and control the connected devices programmed with Zerynth, enabling a bidirectional communication channel between them and your mobile.

]]>Download]]> this interactive eBook to get ‘]]>6 Essential Tips]]>’ to help you do faster testing and avoid mistakes that negatively impact your results.

Oscilloscope testing can be tricky, and you have important decisions to make when setting up your measurements.

See how you can do better testing, have more confidence in your results, and get more out of your oscilloscope investment.