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Oscilloscope testing can be tricky, and you have important decisions to make when setting up your measurements.

See how you can do better testing, have more confidence in your results, and get more out of your oscilloscope investment.

Making Li-ion batteries safer: Cell balancing as an important design featureThe energy density of Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries is two to ten times more than other battery technologies. But, Lithium-ion uses a flammable substance as an electrolyte. If overcharged or overheated, Li-ion cells are a fire risk. 

Cell balancing equalizes the voltages and state-of-charge (SOC) among the cells, when they are at full charge. Balancing can be either voltage-based or SOC-based. It’s a non-trivial task that – ideally — aims both to increase the life of a battery pack and to enhance battery safety.

Magic in the air: Qi-certified medium power transmitter reference designThe Qi wireless charging standard, backed by an association of 200-plus companies, was developed to meet the need for fast wireless charging in the portable mobile market. Rohm Semiconductor has developed a Qi-Certified Medium Power Transmitter Reference Design using its BD57020MWV wireless power transmitter IC. ROHM is the first supplier in the world to offer a reference design for medium power that has passed interoperability tests with more than 200 Qi-certified devices and has successfully acquired Qi certification under the medium power specification.