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How Maxim Integrated is Changing Lives For Hundreds Of People?

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Maxim Integrated has been changing things for hundreds and thousands of people across the world indirectly. Its main offering i.e. analog ICs are used by designers and innovators who want to create something new, better and more fun. How they are doing it? We will take a detailed peek into it through below given stories: 

Noitom Limited: A China based company its work focuses on human body mapping, movement, as well as interaction with surrounding environment. The firm has already introduced a number of product lines, such as Perception Legacy and Perception MOCAP wireless motion capture system. The biggest design challenge in front of them is catering system requirements for smaller size, higher data rate, lower startup voltage, and so forth. Maxim has helped them meet these requirements with wide range of ICs including MAX8881, DS3231M, MAX8887, MAX14527, MAX8095, MAX4841E, MAX17224 and so forth. These ICs played a key role in meeting such technical criteria allowing the company products to become more stable and reliable. ]]>Read More]]>..

Fig. 1: Representational Image of Perception Neuron Pro Wireless MOCAP Motion Capture System 

HD Medical: HD Medical is mainly known for its prime offering - ViScope family, a lineup of electronic stethoscopes that enhance sound with visual displaying of heart waveforms in real-time. Its advanced versions are further capable of integrating murmur detection process with EKG leads. But the biggest challenge for them was requirement of ICs with smaller footprint, lower power consumption, and much higher performance. Maxim provided them with ICs like MAX1703, MMAX14690, MAX32620, and several battery monitors. These ICs helped them ensure better size, power, and performance than all other ICs. These also helped in augmenting battery life and faster design cycle. ]]>Read More]]>..

Fig. 2: Vi Stethoscope 

zGlue: Another wonderful startup that only works for democratizing innovation. Its main product is a 2.5D stacked chip capable of integrating different components of smart connected devices. The biggest hurdle faced by them was need for a small sized, low-power consuming PMIC that could have a power charger IC in power path. It was resolved by MAX77734 by Maxim. It concluded the firm’s quest for building a low-power consuming, small sized highly integrated platform for designing IoT devices. ]]>Read More]]>..

Fig. 3: zGlue 2.5D Stacked Chip 

Flexound Systems: Flexound integrated vibration and audio technology allowing listeners to feel tactile movement while listening. They introduced Flexound HUMU Smart Cushions that can be incorporated in treatment benches, office furniture, gaming chairs, movie seats, and so forth. Maxim’s IC MAX98357A helped them get a reliable lower power consuming, more efficient audio amplifier and faster time for marketing. ]]>Read More]]>..

Fig. 4: Fluxound HUMU Smart Cushion 

Evergaze: Evergaze is maker of electro-optical medical device that improves lives of people with lower vision or vision loss. Their seeBOOST wearable device is embedded with prescription glasses that are permanently attached with monocular electronic vision augmentation system that offer instant auto-focus, better brightness, and automatic contrast. All this was made possible with MAX77818, MAX8834Y, lens driver and MAX44009 by Maxim. ]]>Read More]]>..

Fig. 5: Evergaze seeBOOST Wearable Device 

Maxim Integrated is one of the most outstanding vendors of ICs that strives to make technical processes efficient, faster and much more smoother. They aim to provide their clients in information, tools, and resources along with to provide better solutions. They are your partners when you need to accelerate or ease their design processes and technologies through range of their products.