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DIY Reviews

We do love good projects. From tinkering with electronic circuits, to automating homes or new design on energy conservation ...we can't stay away. We invite you to share a link or submit your recently developed project for a quick review to be published at EG. Also, you can submit a link to the DIY blog/project that you have read somewhere and think should be shared with EG community. Please read the guidelines and submission process before submitting.

Note: In case you would like to publish your complete project at EG, then submit the same in the Project Section.


Link: Please ensure to send us the correct link to the blog/project.

Submission Process :

1. Although we review all the work submitted to us, however submission may not guarantee publishing. The decision to publish shall rest with EG.

2. Submit your DIY Review using the application form below. You will receive an acknowledgement email within 7-10 business days.

3. All work received in previous month will be considered for reviewing in current month.

4. Incase your post is accepted, our teams will inform you post publishing.

5. For any queries related to submissions, you may write to us using our Contact Us page.

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