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The  Taiwan Based power solution maker, MINMAX Technology recently released its latest range of industry standard quarter brick DC-DC converter modules, the MTQZ75 and MTQZ50, that have been designed specifically for highly advanced railway applications. The MINMAX’s next generation DC-DC converter modules sync well with railway emission standard EN 50121-3-2 and railway safety standards IEC 60571 and EN50155. 


MINMAX Technology is a Taiwan based power solution supplier and it hit headlines recently when it introduced a complete new range of industry standard quarter brick DC-DC converter modules - the MTQZ75 and MTQZ50. The two have been designed specifically for advanced railway related applications. 



BluetoothHandheld devices like a cell phone, palmtop and laptop were rapidly becoming an integral part of our daily lives. In most cases, these devices do not have compatible data communication interfaces, or, if they do, the interface requires cumbersome cable connections and configuration procedures. Isn’t it absolutely fantastic to connect your PC to share music, data and calendar info without using any wires? Or to wirelessly access phone numbers on your PDA from your cell phone.