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Image-of-YouBoxRemi El-Ouazzane, the COO and vice president of Intel’s AI Products Group recently spoke about their AI collaboration with the Tencent YouTu Lab DeepGaze, YouBox, AI Box and AI Camera. In his words, “With artificial intelligence, enterprises can gain new insights about their customers to both elevate the users' experience and drive business transformation. Tencent's new AI camera solutions take advantage of powerful Intel® Movidius™ Myriad™ technology to enable deep neural networks to run directly on the cameras, providing real-time and actionable data for various businesses, including retail and smart buildings.”

Google recently announced a revised form of Maps that makes use of a complicated visual positioning system for better and more clearer navigation. The product director of the company, Aparna, Chennapragada showed it at the ongoing I/O conference at Google. She also added that through this new version Google is fusing the best of computer and camera vision with Streetview as well as Maps. It would definitely redefine the walking navigation. 


Renesas Electronics Corporation, one of the leading suppliers of advanced semiconductor solutions, is now speeding up the development of robotics systems. This new development would help in delivery of intelligence on an industrial level by adding new features in Renesas’ high-performance, the 32-bit RX65N Series of (MCUs) Microcontrollers for supporting the DDS-XRCE. 



Title Total views
Tencent YouTu Teams Up With Intel For AI Products 282
Google Brings-in Better Features For Maps, Adds Visual Images 287
Renesas Electronics RX65N Microcontrollers Back Up DDS-XRCE Communication Protocol For ROS 2 222
World’s First Intelligent Autonomous and Completely Wireless Underwater Drone “iBubble” 419
What Do You Know About Expandable PCs For Rough Factory Automation Applications 337
Fujitsu Brings-in New Advanced Models in its ETERNUS DX8000 S4 Series of High-End Storage 285
Blackberry and Renesas Bring-in R-Car Based Development Environment That Integrates Security, Functional Safety, and Virtualization 268
9th Gen Intel Core i9-9900K Establishes New Overclocking Records 220
Fujitsu Brings-in Cooling Control Technology To Bring Down Data Center Energy Consumption Substantially 297
STMicroelectronics Brings-in STM32L5 Ultra-Low-Power Microcontrollers For Safer IoT 177
Maxim Brings In One Of The First Authenticator IC With SHA3-256 Cryptographic Engine 167
The Pace of Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence On Edge Devices Reaches New Level With Advanced Intel Vision Accelerator Solutions 568
Now Smart Retail Supported By IEI HYPER-RK39 PICO-ITX SBC 206
Maxim’s LED Matrix Manager Powers Up Automotive Pixel and Matrix Lighting 280
Renesas Electronics Introduces New Family of Encapsulated Simple Digital Power Modules 226
Google Introduces The New Pixel Slate Empowered by 8th Gen Intel Core Processors 200
Intel Brings Forth One of The Best Gaming Processors In The World - The 9th Gen Intel Core i9-9900K 343
Intel Releases 9th Generation Core Processors At Its Fall Desktop Launch Event 227
Fujitsu Comes Up With a No-Touch Biometric Integration Technology That Promotes A Cashless Society 293
Getting To Know The EiceDRIVER™ 200 V Level Shift Gate Driver ICs 1,040
Littelfuse Brings Forth setP™ Temperature Indicator for USB Type-C Connectors 1,173
STMicroelectronics and Leti Bring Up GaN-on-Silicon Technology for Power Conversion Applications 1,338
Intel Aims At 5G Infrastructure With Advanced Silicon Photonics Technology 1,730
Renesas Further Expands Access to A Stronger Portfolio of IP Licenses 397
Fujitsu Carries Out Memory Expansion Technology Field Trials, Gets Successful In Achieving System Performance Equivalent for 10 Servers 798
What Do You Know About The Digi XBee3 LTE-M Smart Modem? 348
Safety of Electronic Equipment In Potentially Explosive Sites Pulled Up To A New Level With Hazardous Area Barrier Network Fuse 312
IBASE Brings-In AMD Ryzen™ Embedded MI988 Mini-ITX Motherboard Based On V1000 1,114
Skyworks Introduces High Performance FEMs for LPWAN IoT as well as Industrial Applications 513
Fujitsu Brings-in Liquid Immersion Cooling System Ensuring Lower Ownership Cost 293
MAI602-M4D80 Fanless Motion Control System Supports Smart Machine Automation 337
Epson Introduces M-A352 For Improved Health Structuring 410
Maxim’s Battery Fuel-Gauge ICs Promise Lowest Operating Current That Maximizes Run-Time for Portable Devices like Mobiles 2,161
IBASE Brings Forth SI-324 4K Digital Signage Player That Gets Powered By AMD Ryzen™ Filled With V1000 Processors 1,355
GNSS Connectivity Solutions by Turnkey For IoT Applications 524
Watch Out The 2.4” Color TFT LCD with IPS Display 447
All You Need To Know About The Eyes and Ears of Autonomous Vehicles - The Sensors 352
Intel Brings Forth Advanced NUC Kits As Well As NUC Mini PCs To Its NUC Family 1,347
Fujitsu Registers Success In Increasing Output Power of Gallium-Nitride Transistors by Three Times 1,544
IBASE Brings Forth OFP Series Full-Flat Open Frame Modular Panel PC 1,278
How Intel Is Redesigning The Data Centers With Its New Solid State Drives 2,047
Industry’s First Automotive Security Development Kit Can Now Keep In-Vehicle Networks Safe From Hackers 1,981
Skyworks Brings Forth 5G Antenna Tuning Solutions 1,321
Littelfuse Brings-In New Modular CAN Controller 1,340
Microsemi Announces Sampling Of Highest Performing Enterprise 4 PCIe Controller In The Industry 1,411
What Do You Know About Front-end Module For Smart Metering and ISM? 1,407
Microsemi Widens The Range Of Its Storage Adapter Solutions To Include Support for maxCrypto Secure Encryption and On-board Cache Protection 1,571
The Next-Generation Consumer Applications To Be Powered By Maxim High-Performance PMICs 1,335
Fujitsu Introduces An Advanced Version Of Its VPS Digital Production Preparation Tool 1,389
Now Bring Down Bills And Costs Of Materials With One Single Power Monitoring IC Whose Power Ranges From 0V - 32V 1,418