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How to make a PCB Layout

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Abhishek A. Salokhe
STEP 4:GerbView


Why to create Gerber file? It’s because there are lots of software which are used to make layouts. I have told at start that OrCAD, KiCad, Eagle etc softwares are useful for making layouts. Fact is I use KiCad but many of manufacturers may use different software other than KiCad. So Gerber file is a file which will help manufacturer to know about your project and that manufacturer couldn’t make changes to the Gerber file. Now there are softwares which allow making changes to the Gerber file. Forget it we are just learner. We don’t have big budget project so it’s not mostly usable for individual. We can see gerber file by clicking on file>open and selecting any file which we have already created.


Manufacturer can see the following views like top view and bottom view


After making a layout it’s time to make PCB, but I think you knew how to make it. It’s already posted here by someone.


i usually use the Altium to do the design, but there are always some problems when generate gerber file. sometimes, the file is not complete. can you give me some advise? 
by the way, after comparing some manufacturers, i found the china manufacturer's price is competitive, a worthy large production country. jaja. i had brought from pcbpool for one time, very good quality, but the price is expensive. my friend recommend to use a manufacturer from china, her email:, it's good, low price with good quality, i was amazing. and use this url, can get a $5 usd coupons, jaja, so good. hope it can help you.


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