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“The goal is to improve the quality of life for somebody who has had a severe memory deficit. If I can give them the ability to form new long term memories for half the conditions that most people live in, I’ll be happy as hell, and so will be most patients.” – Theodore Berger (Inventor of the Memory Implants)

The field of biomedical engineering has risen to a new level in the past few decades. It combines various fields of engineering to ultimately design and develop artificial body parts which can duplicate its biological counterpart. It absorbs principles from different disciplines including biotechnology, medicine, mechanical engineering, electronics, computer science, etc. and applies it on the biological machine that is our body. 

As Internet of Things is quickly becoming a reality, it is intriguing more and more developers as well as prospective users. In a simplistic view, IoT can be seen as a sophisticated network of things. Things that are not just typical computers or mobile phones or machines but the things like door-lock, diapers, watches or anything you believe in to make life smarter and easier. It is excellent combination of multiple technologies to enable better life. The Internet of Things is the collection of objects on the internet or network that humans rely on to make their lives easier.

Whoever said “sky is the limit”, was clearly not dreaming big enough as proved by this tremendous pillar of space tourism. The idea was planted in man’s mind when the historic Apollo 11 rocket took Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin and to the moon inJune, 1969. He immediately grew an obsession to explore space up to a depth which was previously thought inexistent. He then sent the satellite, “voyager” which has now already crossed the boundary of our solar system (entered the oort cloud) late last year, after 35 years of journey. Since then, few people have gone into space to attain the privilege of being called “Astronaut”. To become an astronaut, one has to have outstanding credentials, tons of experienceand rigorous training to adapt to extreme conditions in space. 

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