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How to design an LCD Screen Using a PIC® MCU

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Have you ever wondered how to set up an LCD screen? Have you ever wanted to control an LCD screen with a PIC microcontroller? If you answered yes then Watch this new video to learn how to use the new LCD interface in MPLAB® Code Configurator to design an LCD screen application using a PIC® microcontroller. 



Know All About Augmented Reality Technology and Fundamentals of AR Application Development

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Altered Reality is the future of human-computer interaction as well of the human-reality interaction. Virtual reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality are the terms often cited in context of the emerging interactive technologies particularly in the mobile domain. Of all these forms, augmented reality and mixed reality are considered altered realities. While mixed reality is relatively a new concept, Augmented Reality has been through many developments, applications and successful commercial ventures. 


DIY Coin Sorting and Counter

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Engineers Garage

This cardboard based coin sorting machine will calculate and display total value of coins. It will also sort the coins by value. It seems to be an inexpensive fit for every bank and cashier of the company and can be built on their own. 

Ikhsan Ismail, a DIY maker has come up with yet another interesting DIY project.This simple machine is build around a few things like an Arduino Nano R3, 3 TCRT5000 IR Sensors, 12C LCD Module, 9V Battery, One Switch, Adafruit Standard LCD - 16 x 2 White on Blue, 3 x 10 Ohm Resistor, One Full Size Cardboard, Jumper Wires, Resistor 10k Ohm, and a 10 Ohm Resistor.

Online & Offline Circuit Design Software for Beginners and Professionals

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Neha Rastogi

Online and offline design simulatorsThe technological advancement and easy access to internet have made everything convenient for the masses, be it a routine activity or a professional task. Previously, we covered the list of appstools, and simulators for electronics designers that render great ease in the completion of electronic projects. Likewise, there are various online software that can assist the engineers while dealing with the circuits. 

These software allow everyone to learn and design circuits for both educational and professional purposes. Here is a compilation of online & offline circuit design software that are quite popular among the designers and hobbyists.

Intel Xeon Processor D-2100 Series Based 1U Rackmount Network Computing Appliance

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Shreepanjali Mod

IBASE Technology Inc. recently announced its advanced FWA8600 1U rackmount network security appliance that is based on the Intel Xeon Processor D-2100 Series with 29x GbE ports. It is a highly scalable system that has been designed to manage data driven workloads and allowing much higher performance level in the enterprise network security, WAN optimization and Unified Threat Management applications. 


3D LED Cube (4x4x4)



The LED cube has 64 LEDs (4x4x4). Each LED is dedicate an IO port in a microcontroller. LED cube rely on optical phenomenon called Persistence of Vision. If you flash a LED really fast it will remain in your retina for some time even after LED is switched off. By flashing each layer of cube very fast after one another it gives the feeling of 3d. With this setup we will need only 16(anode) + 4(layers) IO ports to control each led. LED has two legs one positive and one negative.

Propeller LED pattern generator


A. M. Bhatt

The project given here demonstrates how to generate different patterns (visual effects) by rotating 8 LEDs at very high speed. The project demonstrates the principle of persistence of vision. Different chasing effects are generated on LEDs and along with these effects they are rotated in 360o circle continuously at very high speed. So it generates very nice circular patterns or shapes. A 20 pin, 8-bit micro controller AT89C4051 is used here to generate different LED chasing effects. 

Coin Operated Timer Control Power Supply Box to Control AC Appliances


Ashish Sharma

Saving electricity is a major concern for domestic and industrial units. We always try hard to save electricity in many ways to reduce our electricity bills, but due to some known and unforeseen circumstances our efforts do not normally transform in saving electricity. Adding to our woes we may at times forget to switch off electrical gadgets when we are not using them, especially the AC’s, which not only results in mounting electricity bills, but also forget the fact that we are wasting a resource which is of National Importance.