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8051 Projects and 8051 Microcontroller Projects

8051 projects | 8051 microcontroller projects: This section of EG Labs brings you interesting microcontroller projects based on 8051 microcontroller. These 8051 projects can serve as a good reference for final year electronics engineering projects.
Latest Projects

Industrial safety is one of the main aspects of industry specially mining industry. In the mining industry safety is a very vital factor. To avoid loss of material and damaging of human health, protection system as well as faithful communication system is necessary inside the underground mines. To increase both safety and productivity in mines, a reliable communication must be established between workers, moving in the mine, and a fixed base station. Inside mines, the wired communication system is not so effective, because of wires can be damaged inside mines. In this project we are going to monitor the Mine parameters like abnormal gas, temperature and fire sensors to avoid the harmful gas or high temperature attacking the Mine workers. In this  project  to avoid loss of material and damaging of human health in mine workers because of using text to voice converter .The text to voice converter gives continues information inside the mine workers and also cameras are used to video monitoring

The robot is operated through PC using wireless technology using zigbee and using wireless camera we can view both audio and video on the TV. This robot has a high power LED which acts as a light source when light intensity inside the pipe is low .It is a low cost robot used to monitor the changes of different parameters in the industrial pipes. By connecting temperature sensor to the robot we can get the temperature of dangerous zones in PC itself. By connecting smoke sensor to the robot we can get the information related concentration of smoke or gases in respective fields

In this project we are using another technology is VOICE RECOGNISATION which can also be easily interfaced. If the people in LIFT want to move to up and down using his/her voice command the lift moves to the required position of that person.Now a days we can find huge no of apartments crowded in nearby area with multi storage building capacity.The main purpose of designing this project is to operate the elevator by using voice commands. The elevator has to be moved vertically by recognizing our voice commands by using speech recognition module. The project is built around AT89S52 micro controller voice recognition module is interfaced with micro controller to drive the elevator.  A 16X2 LCD display is used for the display of elevator where it is currently placed and its status can be obtained 

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