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Understanding NeuroSky EEG Chip in DetailNow that we know the basics of Brainwaves and the sensor on which we are working, it’s time to learn about the brain of this brain wave sensor. The main part of any device is its processing part and in the case of Mindflex Sensor, it’s the NeuroSky EEG Chip.

Let’s move on to the details so as to know what the chip contains and how does it work.

SD300 LOM 3D Printer from Cubic TechnologiesSheet lamination is one of the seven recognized 3D Printing methods. The process uses sheets of building material which are cut through laser or knife and the sheets are joined one after the other either by using an adhesive or by wielding the laser cut sheets together to form the 3D object. The process is also called ultrasonic additive manufacturing (UAM) in case the building material used is metal sheets.

The apparatus for UAM variation of the sheet lamination process has a cylindrical sonotrode to which the material sheet is coiled. The sonotrode is rotated to feed the material sheet onto a building platform.

Material Jetting Process and Apparatus for 3D PrintingMaterial Jetting is one of the standard 3D printing technology that has scope and design pattern suitable for the desktop version of 3D printers as industrial 3D printers. The technology fabricates a 3D part just like an inkjet printer prints a two-dimensional image.

The 3D model is built on a target surface to which droplets or continuous fluids of the building material are dropped layer by layer and each layer is then cured with ultraviolet radiation to get it solidified. The term "Drop on Demand" is used for referring the drop by drop wise fabrication of 3D model in the technology's context. A typical apparatus for material jetting 3D printing has printer head consisting of two nozzles and an UV source.