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A quadcopter is a four rotor unmanned aerial drone that operates with the same principle as of a helicopter with slight differences lying within both. It is used for several purposes in the military as well as social fields operating over a wide range of applications.

It has become a craze for building a quadcopter among people as it gives a wide variety of benefits as compared to the traditional helicopter such as stability and control. Till date quadcopter has only been used as a drone that is controlled from a distant place.

Introduction to LUFAUniversal Serial Bus (USB) is now a common and vast framework for serial communication. The interface not only allows serial communication, it also works as electronic power supply. The popular AVR microcontrollers fortunately have the USB interface feature and can be programmed to build USB devices. The USB specification is long and intimidating. It can be a daunting task to write a device specific USB driver.

Understanding NeuroSky EEG Chip in DetailNow that we know the basics of Brainwaves and the sensor on which we are working, it’s time to learn about the brain of this brain wave sensor. The main part of any device is its processing part and in the case of Mindflex Sensor, it’s the NeuroSky EEG Chip.

Let’s move on to the details so as to know what the chip contains and how does it work.