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 SIM800 GSM GPRS ModemIn the previous tutorial, the Ethernet technology was used to connect an Arduino based IOT device with the internet network. The IOT devices can also be connected to internet network using mobile technologies like GSM, CDMA and GPRS. There are two major technologies for data transfers over cellular networks - GSM and GPRS. These two technologies differ from each other on the basis of data rates and the charges they take for their operation.


Ethernet Cables
In the previous tutorials, the IOT devices designed were connecting with the internet network via Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi is a wireless standard. It is commonly used to provide data communication among mobile devices and the internet network. Another common standard used for networking devices and computers is Ethernet.  
Ethernet is most commonly used Local Area Network (LAN) technology. It provides a wired communication to connect the devices to the Internet.


IOT Security ModelSuppose, one has a home automation system installed which can be accessed from a mobile device. That is a great power as the user can access the electronic appliances and various common household commodities imparted intelligence through embedded electronics from anywhere and anytime. What about the same home automation system is unethically hacked by someone and out turn to be a means for theft in the house. Here the glorious concept of IOT comes with a caution - 'Security'