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Basics of Li-ion Battery ChargingLithium-ion batteries are another popular type of batteries that are used in the Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) designs. These batteries are commonly used in portable electronic devices. These are low maintenance batteries having high energy density, small size and light weight which makes them suitable for use in most of the portable devices.

But, due to high energy density in comparison to the weight and volume of the Li-ion Battery, there are also some safety concerns while charging the Li-ion batteries. Before designing a charger circuit for these batteries, let us first understand charging methods and topologies involved in charging Li-ion batteries. Also, precautions required in handling, storing and disposing of these batteries are must to know.

The Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is an electronics device which supplies power to a load when main supplies or input power source fails. It not only acts as an emergency power source for the appliances, it serves to resolve common power problems too. Any UPS has a power storage element which stores energy in the form of chemical energy like the energy is stored in batteries.

It is like energy is stored in the form of motion in a flywheel. That is why these devices are also called battery backup or flywheel backup. The UPS not only provides emergency power, they also help to sort out common power related issues like providing protection from input power interruptions, protection from overvoltage, output voltage regulation and stabilization.

Construction of a Brush DC MotorThe Robots are mechanical devices equipped with software based intelligence that can perform specific physical tasks. There are many kinds of robots and robotic applications. The robots are designed to suit their application and their mechanical design, body, electronics, and software are designed accordingly.

The robotic vehicles or robotic cars are one of the many types of robotic designs. The robotic cars are designed to move around plain surfaces where they can perform certain tasks either through remote controlling or autonomously. They are equipped with sensors, control circuitry and actuators for their operation.