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MINMAX Technology is a Taiwan based power solution supplier and it hit headlines recently when it introduced a complete new range of industry standard quarter brick DC-DC converter modules - the MTQZ75 and MTQZ50. The two have been designed specifically for advanced railway related applications. 



The previous tutorials laid the foundation for logic synthesis and design of digital circuits. The digital circuits in general always have application as computing devices either as processor, controller or application specific ICs. As a computing device, the digital circuitry of a processor, controller or ASIC must be essentially able to perform arithmetic operations. The implementation of arithmetic operations by digital circuitry is further used to build up complex computing logics and mathematical functions.


In the previous tutorials, boolean functions, boolean expressions, minimization of boolean expressions and implementation of a boolean function into logic gate diagram was discussed. It is possible to minimize a boolean function with less number of boolean variables and implement a logic gate diagram for it manually. But as the number of variables in a boolean function increases, not only its minimization becomes complex, designing a logic gate implementation for it also becomes cumbersome. In such case, computer based design tools are the ultimate resort.