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How cool it would be when devices on your workbench are interconnected? Creating a personal space for yourself where one of your devices acts as a server or a hub and allows you to access any information from any of your devices!! Sounds cool right? It would be super awesome when such connections are wireless. You can relish many facilities like Internet, GPRS, etc. All this has a technical term “Personal Area Network (PAN)”.

Delivering one of its latest innovations, Linear Technology, home of the Analog Gurus, has expanded its expertise in linear IC products to create the industry’s highest performancedigital-to-analog converter(DAC), the LTC2000.  End applications ranging from cable modems and other communications-based applications to test equipment and instrumentation will benefit from this leap in performance. The key to LTC2000’s leadership is in the generation of high frequency and broadbandsignals with a low noise floor and high spectral purity.  As shown in figure 1, the spectral purity, as measured by the spurious-free dynamic range (SFDR), exceeds the competition by over 10dB at almost every frequency point.

A FinFET is classified as a type of multi-gate Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor (MOSFET). It was first developed at the University of Berkley, California by Chenming Hu and his colleagues. A multi-gate transistor incorporates more than one gate in to one single device. In FinFET, a thin silicon film wrapped over the conducting channel forms the body. The name has been derived from the fact that the structure, when viewed, looks like a set of fins. The thickness of the device determines the channel length of the device.