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Voice Recorder and Playback Circuit



With this circuit, you can record your voice and play back the same for 20 seconds. The voice recorder circuit is ideal for door phones, automatic answering devices etc. APR 9301 is used in the circuit which is a data storage and retrieval IC without any micro controller programming.

Voice Recorder
The IC requires minimum components to create a voice recorder. The IC has non volatile flash memory technology with 100K recording cycles and 100 year message retention capacity. The IC utilizes the Invox proprietary analog / multi level flash non volatile memory cells that can store more than 256 voltage levels. It requires a single 5 volt supply and operates in 25 mA current.

APR9301 IC
Mode of operation
 1.     Record Mode
The LED glows when the IC records the voice obtained through the Mic. A single voice message up to 20 seconds can be recorded. The IC remains in the recorded mode as long as the RecL pin 27 is grounded. Recoding will be terminated with the last memory when 20 seconds is over. The Speaker driver will automatically mutes in the recording mode. By changing the value of the OscR resistor R1 it is possible to increase the recording period as follows.
1.         R1 52K 20 Sec.
2.         R1 67 K   24 Sec
3.         R1 89 K   30 Sec.
Play back Mode
By pressing the play back switch, the play mode starts from the beginning of the message. The input section will be muted during play back.
Standby Mode
After completing the Record or Play back function, the IC will enters into the standby mode.
Sampling frequency
20 Sec 6.4 KHz
24 Sec 5.3 KHz
30 Sec 4 KHz
28 Pin IC requires IC base.
Press ,switch S1 and speak through the Mic or record music. LED will glow in the recording mode. Open S1 after recording. Use a small condenser Mic
Play back
Close S2. Recorded message will be heard from the speaker. Use a 2 inch 8 Ohms speaker.
Power supply 5 Volt regulated supply or 6 volt battery.


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Circuit Diagram

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hello Sir,  I want to



  I want to experiment on a wireless voice recorder or something like that.

i would glad if u help me for that.

i want a circuit Digram for wireless transmitter and receiver Please help me if U can.


Thanx In Advance

Saqib Bafati 

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Hello Sir,I want to record

Hello Sir,

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Actually the digital clock is for a classroom. So, i want to display notices using lcd which i have found out a way to but i also want an audio system for important abnnouncements. 

How do I go about it?

Please help asap!

Thank you



 respected sirmuje ek aisa

 respected sir

muje ek aisa circuit chaiye jisme apn record kr de fir vo hmesha voice sunai de........plz help me..............

How do I purchase this

How do I purchase this circuit? Can it be reconfigured?


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