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Electronic Circuits

Free Electronic Circuits, Schematics and circuit diagrams. This section of EG Labs brings you new & latest electronics circuits and schematics. These hobby circuit ideas are described with the circuit diagram, description and components used in the circuit.
Latest Electronic Circuits

The coin toss circuit is an interesting electronic project which can be used to conduct a toss between two teams or individuals.

 It is a decision maker used at the places where someone is not able to make up the decision. When a button is pressed, the head and tail h and t respectively display on 7 segment display.  An important feature of this circuit is using a single IC that is CD4049 and displays the h and t on seven segment displays in spite of LED so decision is clearly indicated.

This circuit describe a simple obstacle avoiding robot which a you can easily make in your homes because it does not contains any complex digital circuitry and this can be made without using any microcontroller. This is an intelligent robot which will automatically detect the presence of obstacle in its path and change the direction of motion accordingly.

The circuit described here can be used as burglar alarm or can be used as an indicator that door or window is open.

Now the summer time is coming and we all are going to use AC in our home and offices. AC functions efficiently, only when doors and windows are closed properly. If any of the door or window is left open then effect of AC cannot be felt. So we have described a circuit here that will give an alarm when door or window is left open.

Another application when you can use this circuit, in your cupboard or lockers. When light fall on the sensor it will give an alarm indicating that somebody is trying to steal your valuable thing. And will also give an alarm when any unwanted person is trying to open door and window.

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