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DTMF Controlled Home Automation System Using 8951



Thnk you so much engineers garage for select my project and publish on your site.. 

@Saddam brother I need the ckt diagram and the component list, please brother, asap. I'm doing this as final year project. Thank you

post your comment on youtube..


I want the component list of the above project. I need it urgent. Pls give me . Thanku

plz give me a circuit diagram ......

plz give me a circuit diagram............


hi iam manikanta sir i want  a assembly code for home automation system .                                           


and also please send me ppt of home automation based on dtmf

hi saddam sir ,i want circuit diagram and assembly code for 


 saddam sir , can i get the components list for this project

whts d value for crystal oscillator??


hiii saddam khan , i am  making this project can you please send me the component list used in this project on my mail mentioned below;



please send me circuit diygram


hi saddam please send me circuit diagram at my mail is mention below

SIr, plz send me the circuit diagram of controller as well as dtmf and how to connect both..


Can you please forward me the details(component list, complete circuit diagram) of the project. My mailing address is Its a bit urgent

sir can you tell me the market price of DTMFmodule.why we are using 2 microcontroller here


sir I won ur project details with code and report. plz help my mail id is

sir plz send me ckt diagram, componnt list,pcb layout & source code of DTMF controlled home autmation using 8051

give me ckt diagram for this ckt brooooo.....;)


Hi Sadamsir I am Student of Ms.c. ECI. Please Tall your number I talk with you sir Abut that concept

can u send me circuit diagram and program code with component list because you use 2 microcontrollers.

brother need a circuit diagram to connect relay pplz email me its urgent

good for begginers

I want this corcuit digram

HI can i get the details of this project urgently. Cause I like it and was hoping to make it for my presentation.
please mail me the details if you would.

Can u plz send me d components list of this project.

hi -there no diagram of DTMF Board _its for sall or free _if its free pls upload on web or send for me by

sir please send circuit diagram ..available  one is not able to see properly..


please send me circuit diagram...


Sir I'm doing this as my final year project so please provide me the components list and assembly code soon
Please email me the circuit diagram

hii sadam khan we are making this project as our final year project can you please give me list of components and its circuit diagram.


sir plz send me ckt diagram & source code of DTMF controlled home autmation using AT89C51 microcontroller

why two 8051 are used?



i need full project report with sorce code

SIr, plz send me the circuit diagram of controller as well as dtmf and how to connect both.....

Can you please send the components list of this project as soon as possible. Thankyou.

Sir please can you tell me the list of components and circuit diagram please

email me this project circuit diagram . really interested in this project and it's really awesome also simple


Sir after displaying the code on LCD I am not getting the display of further part like a display of LCD ON off so please suggest me what to do sir please its very urgent because after 2days I have my final year final project evaluation


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