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Voice Recorder and Playback Circuit





  I want to experiment on a wireless voice recorder or something like that.

i would glad if u help me for that.

i want a circuit Digram for wireless transmitter and receiver Please help me if U can.


Thanx In Advance

Saqib Bafati 

hi there i have a question on how to convert audio files in to digital using 8051(P89C51RD+),ADC0831,DAC0808,micraphone and speaker

                  please help!


Hello Sir,

I want to record voice using micraphone and play it again i want use 8051(P89C51RD+)  adc0831 and dac0808 can u please help me


I am doing a prject on digital clock. I want to interface it with an audio system. 

Actually the digital clock is for a classroom. So, i want to display notices using lcd which i have found out a way to but i also want an audio system for important abnnouncements. 

How do I go about it?

Please help asap!

Thank you



 respected sir

muje ek aisa circuit chaiye jisme apn record kr de fir vo hmesha voice sunai de........plz help me..............

How do I purchase this circuit? Can it be reconfigured?

Sir which is the ic that can be used instead APR 93012 in this circuit


I want to control the peripherals based on the commands store in this ic.How to convert those voice into commands for the input to the microcontroller to do the automation


Dear sir, Actually i want to record ic's for toys car.. kindly help me in the same
Is it plaY many times?
Hello sir. I am using multiple apr development chips in my circuit. For that I may require speaker for each. If I want to use single speaker for all instead of one for each then what should I do?

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