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High Power Low-Ohmic Wide Terminal Thick-Layered Chip Advanced LTR50 Series Resistors Set New Standards For TCR Characteristics

Submitted By: 

Shreepanjali Mod

ROHM recently came up with a complete new product line consisting of wide terminal high power thick-layered chip resistors quite suitable for detection of current for myriad of applications including energy-efficient appliances, ACs, and inverters. ROHM was able to improve the power ratings too 2W in a compact size of 2550 through detailed reviewing of resistive material.

Fig. 1: Image Showing Low Ohmic Current Detection Resistor Selection Chart


The resistors in this new series are expected to contribute greatly to better energy savings along with much better miniaturization for applications needing high power. This new family of LTR5 series resistors can be availed in 48 different values. Along with, the element structure optimization allows the resistors to reach best-in-class TCR features amidst wide terminal thick-layered chip resistors.

This results into minimal resistance fluctuation because of changes in temperatures allowing precise current detection. In last few years, the numbers of circuits used for monitoring current have increased across plethora of applications leading to surge in current detection resistors demand for managing and controlling current. An exponential growth in embedded devices requires high power, compact resistors.

ROHM’s LTR50 series resistors provide support for many more applications while ROHM plans to keep taking support of proprietary, latest technologies and excellence to expand industry’s best portfolio with product optimized according to customer requirements.

Key features:

  • Much better TCR (Temperature Coefficient Resistance) assuring higher precision with respect to current detection.
  • Four times higher power as compared to traditional products that leads to much better space savings.

ROHM keeps its crown in industry with respect to product development  starting with the first chip resistors in the world. For applications needing better reliability, ROHM provides resistors that offers many interesting features like anti-surge, sulfuration resistance, and high power welcomed whole-heartedly by the industry.