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Green House Monitoring Using Arduino



could u plz tell me..which type of arduino pro mini have u used in dis project??? i mean 5v or 3.3 v??? n also d series of atmega?? 

i like this project .the line DHT read did not compiled.thank .i am waiting anew sketch.



me to same problem dont know how to solve it

you to download dht library separately and add to this

i like this project .the line DHT read did not compiled.thank .i am waiting anew sketch.



Very good efforts!! 

circuit diagram can't see


how much did this project cost??

im planning to build our own automated small green house.thanks

the aurduino you are using is uno or pro mini?


plz send me report on arduino based intellegent green house  monitering  

sadam really good one bro....can you guide how to use the gsm module....and what is ULN2003a....block and why is that one used.and is that neccesary... waitng for your reply....Mail me at

which compiler is used


Hii.. Can I use Arduino uno for d same project in place of Arduino pro mini ?? And wat cud b possible chnges in programming if I do so ?? Plzz rply asap

hie i realy think this is a cool project,cn you please send me the program sketch so i can try it out


hello dear!!! i would like this project,would you send the code by







dht.h file is missing sir how to find plz help me sir

Dear Mr.Saddam. I try to make this project but the code is with error on DHT line.Please be so kind and send me the working code on my email (




for what lux is used ? . please tell me

from this code i could not get the message


Hey... Sir... Please reply to how to add dht file

Just download the dht library from any of the website and import it into the code.

Can somebody please send the code on

can you give the complete components  of making this 

Green House Monitoring using Arduino




Can you send me the code to


error in code for dht plse send us the well code


how much  this project cost??

If you got reply for the comment, can you please tell me how much it cost?
If you got reply for the comment, can you please tell me how much it cost?

pls mail the code for green house intelligent control using ardino uno pls
pls reply as soon as possible

hai... can u pls send me the circuit diagram... im a registered user . the circiut is not clear...

pls do send me the circuit.

pls reply as soon as possible


could u please list out the hardware requirements?and clear circuit diagram plz?

my email


can you send the corrected code to please 


Did the correct code ever arrive? This project looks fascinating!


good project

good idea


please send the clear circuit diagram




this is realy new idea

error in code for dht please send me the well code

<p>i want source code. how can i do?</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p>

Can I get the source code please
Can u give me circuit Your image is blur

The circuit diagram is not clear.. please can you mail me a clear version of it.. I'd be greatfull if u do so.. My ID:

what is the relay ic  number???????

can any one give this project coad pls


Can you send me the code to

Can i use raspberry pi?

Sir please tell me the programming code for greenhouse Montering using ardiuno

 "DHT.read11(dht_dpin);" for this line ,"exit status 1

expected unqualified-id before '.' token" this error generated
plz solve this error plz............................................
Sent me the clear circuit diagram