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Panasonic Dual Cameras for photography buffs!


Panasonic has given photography buffs a surprise with their new dual camera range. The new colourful additions would not take to mesmerise you with user friendly features. HX-DC10, WA10 and DC1 provide a range of features for making photography a memorable experience for the users. No matter what the occasion is, you would fall in love with these three lively coloured cameras. Easy to hold, high definition video and picture capture with separate buttons for video and pictures- these camera offers all that you could expect from your camera.

WA10 is meant for rough people who do not approve of touch-me-not-types gadgets because of its waterproof features. And the other two models offer Backside Illumination for shooting in badly lit conditions. The MP4 format video shooting makes it easy to upload them on your system or social networking sites. Apart from full HD capability, the cameras offer high resolution pictures of 14 and 16 megapixels. The Panasonic clients would not have to compromise with the portability and quality of the pictures.
And these are not all; there are many others features like wide 2.6 and 3 inches monitor, image stabiliser for controlling blurry pictures and the intelligent auto mode that detects the faces. The quality microphones let the user have clear audio recording while HDMI terminal lets one enjoy great HD resolution. Variety of colour options, starting from basics like black, white, grey, and blue to peppy colours like pink, orange can be bought according to one’s preference.  
Whether personal or professional use, these cameras would capture sands of time perfectly for you. These new models are expected to hit the market in June this year. All those who are excited to own one of these brilliant pieces of technology, do not have to wait for long. The countdown has begun already.