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Frequency and Pulse Width Measurement using microcontroller



superb bhatt sir

Thanks For the nice Code and Hardware


u have the code? i need it .can u plz send me ?? 

sir please provide me pcb payout by tommorrow morning.

Thanks for this code can i measure the input frequency upto 1MHz pls send me the code to my mail [email protected] in advance 

sir please send me run circuit video because it's my college sub mission project



can you plz provide the source code???? 

sir please send me code for the project


that was so great!!!! thanks sir.


can u send me d code fr pulse on-off calculation. ll b waiting. 


email-id- [email protected]

u have the code??? i need that 

can you plz provide the source code????

sir i need source code of

Frequency and Pulse Width Measurement using microcontroller

plz sir send me earlier


anyone have the source code??plz send me 


good info

hey, nice work :)

I would like to use it for my project where I need to calculate speed of moving object by knwing frequency of incoming signal to the microcontroller. The speed is calculated using speed-frequency relation. Can it be done using the code sample u provide. In that case how shall I go for it.

can u please inbox me the code in assemly language for measuring the pulse width in lcd in 8051?

Are there any images associated with this? If so I dont seem to be able to see them. Also would it be possible to be sent the source code.



cheap and time saving utility

Sir I am facing some problems while simulating the code in proteus such as it dosn't display the frequency of the signal and is in infinite loop of period subroutine

thanx sir


somthing wrong connection with LCD , in this lcd pin VSS connected to vcc(+Ve) . but according to datasheet it will connect ground. please help me. i try to connect in bread board it will not comming output. please give me correct circuit diagram . my ID - [email protected]

I`d like to comment, but I d`ont can open picture of diagram, and this site have manny spam.

For this, I d`ont visit this site.

Any reason it's limited to 65KHz? 

very very tanks for this good disighn.

Excellent project.

Very simple interesting circuit.Thanks for sharing it. Are there any modifications required to use the newer AT89S51?

Programming is a lot easier with the AT89S51

pls help me to get the program code for frequency counter using 89c51


thank you so much

Sir ,pls send me code

sir please send me frequency measurment code please...

[email protected]

sir please send me frequency code [email protected]


<p>I want to devlop this system</p>

my ass
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