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Motor Protection against Single Phasing and Overheating



besides the cost of the components required, why did you used the star-delta potential transformer-connection for the phase detector instead of monitoring the phases individually? is the star-delta connection for the potential transformers capable of sensing voltage imbalance?

exactly cost of this project

The simulation is not running, what could be the problem?

thanks for giving all information about projects.... if you have another idea about any innovation in electrical eng. please send me mail.... thank u.

Very nice project. I will try and get you back.

I can't open circuit diagram with new tab (so diagram is not clear).

Can I get only diagram to mail ID if possible?

did u figure the circuit out? i am having some difficulties. can u help?


i cant open circuit diagrams


ckt diagram is not see clear .so please help me sir.

circuit diagram image is not claer


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