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Biometric Voting Machine



your project looks really good.  Which software did you use to write the code in? If possible can you share the code?

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i am rajasekhar,gitam univrsity...,i am also doing the project which is almost equal to yours,please help me in assemly language coding part....

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this is 1 st year ece student

i am interested in designig bvem

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hai.. get this code.? if u can ples send me..?

do you have the code? please send me [email protected] also the methodology please, God bless you brother :)


                                    :BIOMETRIC VOTING MACHINE:



The BVM (Biometric voting machine) and IIC (Indian identification card) is proof of concept and authority of India the machine inbuilt with biometric machine and here two types of storage package first one is person finger prints and iris image with person photo second one is store the address proof, caste, PAN card no, current address these are most important second storage box third one is here swapping system 

Card swapping system:

Under the system we can get voting right only by swapping the IIC (with system code)


First connect the Biometric machine with electronic voting machine our finger (thumb)(first pack) print should have on our election voting (IIC) card while voting. And first step swap the card then election voting card should put in finger print machine and select the symbol of one party now we should put our finger (thumb) print on finger Print machine. When the finger print of our thumb and finger print on election voting card are matched then only our vote valid by using this method we can stop illegal voting.


   The IIC contains address proof it has state wise numbers which cannot be made forgery because this card saved the system code and   card filled the your date of birth, blood group,age,address,contact no,DL No or PAN card NO and same your photo this card used everywhere and this important in banking system if the person  taken loan in one bank and without clearing it he can not apply for loan in any other bank , and IIC card displays your voting authority and u r religions this card security in Indian country this card we used life time every where it is help full for peoples  main work is first we can save peoples fingerprints and address photos iris images  (soft copy ) and this soft copy send to all polices head office because someone is dead when we can identification her / his address like just touched(without IIC) those finger to machine BPM (Biometric POLICE machine ) in five seconds this soft copy we used in BANK,RTO,AIRPORT,ATM in  important place  it is perfect IIC and full project

 MINI Biometric machine:

The mini biometric machine with swapping system this machine we used main department means in RTO, AIRPORT, BANK, POILCE Department because when in emergency or we want address proof or more information just swap the card touch biometric suddenly we get all information


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State: Karnataka


Hi I too doing my final year project by using SM630 but getting alot of problem. I will  be very thankful to you if you help me out. so plz reply

where I can get the finger print module SM630, will you plz give me contact and how much does it cost.

please share source code to [email protected] it would be of great help to me

source code????????

helloo my friend can you give us the code for the project


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sir please send me the code of this project

plz guys i just want to know if after voting, can the results be changed manually on the electronic voting machine?

hello sir i am interested on this project i want source code of this project colud you please mail me

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i am 1 st year ece student ,now i'm doing same project can u help me in complete description on circuit and program urgently my mail id [email protected]

To be candid, this programme is huge, i love it so much, am also trying to do the same for my project

somebody should help me with the source code [email protected]

Can u pls send the source code to my mail id? [email protected]

hi please send me the code of this project

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hai.i need a source code.please send it to me


hello sir i am interested on this project i want source code of this project colud you please mail me

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sir please can mail the code for this project


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the project looks really good and approaching too:-

but problem r in assembly code and components interfaing codes

how we really over comes from it

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if possible please sends me codes of all programs regadings thanku.

where is its coding


olz send me its coding at [email protected]

i need fingerprint commands in detail explanation can u send me more detail explanation to my mail id [email protected]

hi this is kishore can you send me the C codes in [email protected] 

Hello sir,can u share the source code...i'm doing a project related to same biometric system so if u share d code den i ll be very gareful to :- [email protected] you...!!!

Hi Kartik your project is so good

Can You Share Your Project Code Because I Need This Code...

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plz send me the source code and all details at [email protected].



send your project report

pls i want to know if you got the codes and full details of the project.

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really your project is so good ....

please which software did you use..

please kindly send me the code.. thanks alot

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Sir your project is really good .

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Assalamu alaikum.. I am Hanief and I am preferring your project as my final thesis proposal. Please send me the code and methodology of this project. Contact me [email protected]. Shukran :)

hii your project is realy nice.i am very much intrested to know about its code .i am doing a project which is simular to this .so it will be helpful to myproject .so plz send me ur code details.expecting a reply.................



need the code of this project code is missing plzz 


hi need code for this project. Please email to [email protected] thanks 

hello sir! i am making a final project and i'm interested for this project..please send me the source code.. thank you


    #include <avr/io.h>

#define F_CPU 16000000UL
#include <util/delay.h>
int b,c,o,r;
int bjp,congress,other,total;
int main(void)

are this coding is for arduino?


 i have alredy done  of this project and using ATMEGA16 

and i have also use fingure print sensor 

heyy hi... am currently working on this project...can u help me by sending the code...


can i get your project code...and software used .....plse..can you mail it to [email protected]

i got one code but that is not working

hi could you kindly send the code to [email protected] please ?

pls send me the code [email protected]