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PIR Power Saving System


Fayaz Hassan


The simple circuit presented here will be automatically switch ON the light / fan on entry into the room and switch OFF the load with preset delay on leaving the room.  This will reduce unnecessary power consumption. This circuit is useful in drawing room, study room, dinning hall, TV room, work place, cubicle, visitors room, washroom lighting, exhaust fan, corridor lighting, staircase lighting, lift etc. Using LED2, where much lighting is not required, saves more power than using the relay RL1. PIR ( Pyroelectric / Passive Infra Red ) sensor , which outputs signal on detection of presence of humans by their motion, i.e., change in IR radiation emitted by the body.

Introduction To Thread In Linux (Part 14/15)

Written By: 

Ashish Vara

thread-in-linuxIn this tutorial, I will explain about thread which is an important topic in Linux. You must have heard about in multithreading in Linux. I will explain what the thread is and how it works. Let’s take the same example which I explained in tutorial Process in Linux If I want to make my passport but I don’t know what the process is, I will go to the inquiry window and ask about it. Process is nothing but carrying out a task. My task is to make passport and process is how to make passport. Now you must be wondering as to where the thread is. 

How A Driverless Car Sees The Road

Written By: 

Vatsal Prakash

driverless carIn the near future if you are if you’re late for work and you don’t have time for breakfast your car will be there for your rescue. You will sit back, relax and enjoy your breakfast while your car safely drives you to your destination. No, this is not a sci-fi movie scene I’m talking about. This is soon going to be a reality!

If technology grows at the current rate, soon your car will do all the driving and concentrating for you. Automakers are currently working on new technology that will allow the cars to drive themselves. They're also modifying the existing technologies such as self-parking and pre-safe systems to make the driving safe.

Damp Pi - Room Moisture Extraction System - Raspberry Pi

Submitted By: 

Neha Rastogi

damp-piDamp Pi is a minicomputer to read the humidity values from the sensor and on the basis of the readings, the fan could be turned on until the humidity come down to the normal level. The temperature and humidity readings are studied every minute and these are fed to the Raspberry Pi and the extractor fan gets switched on through the relays when the readings are above 90% but the fan gets switched off when the readings drops below 80%.

Amazon Recipe To Turn Raspberry Pi Into Voice-Controlled Assistant

Submitted By: 

Shalini Verma

voice-controlled-on-raspberry-piAmazon has build voice controlled assistant from raspberry pi for users to gain access to the service with simplicity. To build this voice-powered assistant, a second-generation Raspberry Pi, a USB mini microphone, an Ethernet cable, and a MicroSD memory card is required. It demonstrate how to set up the single board computer to use Amazon's Alexa Voice Service to create a low-cost alternative to the Echo, Amazon's smart speaker. It is very similar to other online assistants and responds to voice commands and can set reminders, play music, and answer simple questions.

DIY Carputer With Raspberry Pi

Submitted By: 

Shreepanjali Mod

carputerBenjamin, a traffic-controller decided to do something new with his radio setup by building a new carputer (car computer) with a Raspberry Pi systemA small amount was invested by Benjamin in the X400 Expansion board that behaves more like a sound card. Once this was established he connected the system with his car’s engine and used touchscreen of his Samsung tablet rather than buying a new one. He established the Raspberry Pi in form of web server making it a wireless hotspot. This permits the tablet to connect with others in a wireless manner and show media and roadmaps over the carputer’s dashboard.

Introduction To Linux-Communication Between Processes Through Pipe (Part 13/15)

Written By: 

Ashish Vara

linux-processesPipe is a one way communication of data between one process to another process. In the form of Interprocess communication (IPC), it is one type of communication. Refer to the tutorial Pipe in Linux before learning this one. Process creates a new pipe using pipe ( ) system call. It creates a pair of file descriptor: one for read channel and one for write channel. It can read from pipe by read ( ) system call with first file descriptor and can write to pipe by write ( ) system call with second file descriptor. It has half duplex pipes so each process must be closed before using another.

Web Server using Python

Developed By: 

Prabakaran P.M

In this project the Raspberrypi board is booted with the Ubuntu OS and is connected to the Ethernet port of a Windows7 PC. The board is connected to the internet connection as explained in the project Connecting the Raspberrypi to the internet. The IP address of the Raspberrypi board has been obtained to remote login in the TUI using the PUTTY and is remotely accessed using VNC.

In this tutorial we use a Python web framework called Flask to create a dynamic web server in Raspberry Pi. While there's a lot you can do with Flask "out of the box," it also supports many different extensions for doing different operations such as user authentication, generating forms, and using databases.