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Sequential Code Lock for Automatic Gate


AM Bhatt

The password based lock for any access control systems is very common now a day. If there is a password lock for any gate/door, then the gate or door only opens when correct password is entered. Mostly in such system numeric keypad is given to enter password. Sequential code lock differs here with normal password lock system. It does not have full numeric keypad with 10 to 12 switches. Instead it has 2 to 3 switches only. The user has to enter correct sequence of numeric digits just like sequential locks available in briefcases. When the numeric digits are arranged in correct sequence it unlocks.


Joystick based Dual DC Motor Controller using OP-AMP


AM Bhatt

All you might have seen controlling a DC motor using joystick.

Most of RC toys are DC motor operated and they are controlled using remote controlled joystick. There is a RF transmitter in the remote controlled joystick and in a toy, there is RF receiver that rotates DC motor forward (clockwise) and reverse (anticlockwise)

The remote controlled robotic vehicles used in military applications also controlled using such joystick connected with laptop or computer

Unmanned air vehicles like drone, quad copter etc used for air surveillance or aerial photography/videography are the best examples of joystick control



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A smartphone functions as an Oscilloscope and Signal Generator, is named as “Oscillaphone”. Smartphones are portable, powerful and secured platforms, you can blend this device as a it needs. Loboat a French electronics student from Paris made this device, for electronics students who can’t afford to buy a new Oscilloscope and a Signal Generator.

WiTricity the Future of Electricity

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One spends their lifetime plugging things in. Be it either mobiles or laptop chargers or your television sets. But that’s all that’s about to change! There is no argument in that we humans love electricity. We love that stuff so much that you can get an idea about it just by walking out on the street. There is about trillions of money spent in setting up power stations and wires carrying electricity from where it is generated to our homes and offices.  Not only this. We love batteries too! An object that gives us power for a while before ending up in the garbage.  But then there is a negative aspect to all this. Wires and batteries are awful. Just think about it, overhead wires gets damaged in rough weathers and can lead to calamities that can claim a human life.  Plus imagine getting tangled in one of those wires under your computer desk. I know it’s pathetic.

Comparison of Personal Wireless Network Protocols

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How cool it would be when devices on your workbench are interconnected? Creating a personal space for yourself where one of your devices acts as a server or a hub and allows you to access any information from any of your devices!! Sounds cool right? It would be super awesome when such connections are wireless. You can relish many facilities like Internet, GPRS, etc. All this has a technical term “Personal Area Network (PAN)”.

Getting started with MATLAB



MATLAB is a programming language which can be used for numerical computations, matrix operation, simulation, prototyping, Graphical User Interface and a lot more. In this tutorial we are going to get familiar with MATLAB, MATLAB commands and a small program to wind up with this tutorial.

Two-step calibration of sensor signal conditioners

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This article examines the calibration of sensor signal conditioning algorithms implemented in signal conditioners that transmit data in analog form. Note that sensor calibration includes the sense-element non-idealities as well as signal-conditioner non-idealities, such as offset and gain errors. The calibration scheme will take care of analog signal-chain errors of the analog circuit that are in front and back of the digital circuits.