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Leading Manufacturer Of Switches And Circuit Protection

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Carling Technologies

carling-technologiesSince the company was founded in 1920, there are few products Carling Technologies hasn't turned "ON" and fewer industries that haven't turned to Carling for solutions. With ISO and TS registered manufacturing facilities and technical sales offices worldwide, Carling ranks among the world's largest manufacturers of circuit breakersswitches, power distribution units, digital switching systems and electronic controls. Carling is continuously forging a tradition of leadership in quality and product innovation to meet the demands of today’s fastest growing industries.

Atmospheric Vortex Engine – Twister Power

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Shalem Pravas

Whenever we hear the word “Tornado” we think of destruction and catastrophe. But, to one man it meant, “How can I generate power with that?” It makes sense. Most large scale power generation methods, directly or indirectly involve rotating parts and tornadoes possess a huge amount of rotational kinetic energy. So if we could create a tornado and harness its kinetic energy, it would effectively provide us with a clean source of energy (provided that it is controlled). Generally tornadoes are caused by the presence of a large temperature gradient present in the atmosphere.

Building of an Arduino shield PCB

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Shalini Verma

If you love playing around Arduino and is looking forward for its extension like building a shield with labeled connections along with a schematic and PCB layout to plug into the top of your Arduino, then the tutorial of Aaron Eiche can be a great help to you.

The tutorial of Eiche will teach you about the basics of EAGLE, which is a complex program but awesome to use for laying out the PCB. Before going through the project, make sure to devise a strategy for your shield as the tutorial will be of no help in this category. The shield will be used to connect the sensors.

Making a DIY Arduino Pumpkin

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Neha Rastogi
There are several Arduino Pumpkin projects available on the internet but this one explains the efforts of Chris Evans who made an attempt to make a pumpkin for Halloween. Much like any other pumpkin with LEDs fitted inside, this one also glows in the darkness. However, instead of LED bulbs, it makes use of a Neopixel which can be availed from eBay. 
Interestingly a Neopixel is a combination of LED lights that are arranged in a more compact way and it is easy to solder on a circuit. 

Alarm after a Certain Level - Application of Brain Wave


Ayush Jain
I hope you are have liked the application of using GSM with the brain wave for finding if the person sleeps or not. The same experiment can be proceeded further with different perspective . 
Now presently in this article I am planning to explore more applications of Brain wave. Nowadays I am trying to meditate to keep myself calm. Meditation helps a person in many ways. So, I thought to give it a try and it is very helpful. One point which is feel while meditation is I cannot guess,how well I am doing the meditation.While working on our Brain Wave, I plan to make a device which can inform me if I achieve a certain level. I can be helpful for practioners, meditators etc. So here it goes.     

Hello world module programming (Part 24/24)

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Ashish Vara
Linux kernel supports modular approach.  It supports insertion and removal of code from itself at a routine. Module is loadable kernel object which we can load and unload during run time. Module is single binary image which contains the information of related subroutine, group, data, entry and exit. Device driver is also one type of module which provides the facilities to reload, debugging,  and loading new driver on demand in response to hot plugging of new device.  It is allowed to access hardware connected to the system. We can build monolithic kernel using module kernel and new functionality in kernel image. 
Let’s understand  how module would be created and work in Linux. Module is like a simple file and we can save it as  C file with .c extension but  it is somewhat different.  It does not need  to write code inside main function.

Text animation on 20x4 LCD using AT89C52 Microcontroller


A M Bhatt
All you might have seen scrolling message display. Matrix LED based scrolling message displays are used widely in advertising, sign boards, information display at public places and many more such applications. Such displays are made up of number of LEDs. There may be single colour (mostly RED) or multi colour LEDs and there are very nice text animation effects like appearing-disappearing text, left-right scrolling, top-bottom scrolling etc. But have you seen such animation effects on text LCD? 
It is possible to give such text animation effects on LCD also. In many devices it is required to display different messages or information turn by turn on LCD. 

PCB Designing using Kicad (Part 3/12)

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Venugopal M
KiCad is free software suit for EDA (Electronic design automation), which was created in 1992 by Jean-pierre charras. It has GNU and GPL licenses. I have selected KiCad software to explain PCB tutorials. Since it is open source software, anyone can try this and practice my tutorials.
Before  getting started with KiCad, we must know about some basics and work flow of KiCad. In this tutorial, I am going to explain KiCad work flow, step by step. Please follow the same procedure when working with KiCad.