Feed Your Fish using an Arduino

Having fish as your pet is a totally different experience. It never makes any sound, would usually love a companion and no guest would ask you to lock it up before they enter the house. But yeah, they require much care and attention in terms of food, water temperature etc, etc. While you cannot regulate temperature on your own and need a machine for it, food intake is to be regulated and should always be precise. That’s why most of the owners take care of it themselves and count the food pellets as per the number of fish and their size. 

Solving Sudoku through Lego Mindstorm

Sudoku is one of the most popular papers and pen games of all times. From making a long journey look like a walk of a few minutes to making someone lost in the “fun” pages of the newspaper, this square on a piece of paper can hold our thoughts for some serious duration.  Working on a simple logic on non-repetitive numbers, Sudoku isn’t a child’s play. But can something which is popular as a toy for children, solve a Sudoku? How about a Lego? Nope. Definitely, a Lego cannot solve a Sudoku at all. Interestingly, what we have discovered in one of our blog explorations is a Lego Mindstorm smoothly solving a Lego problem.

Bluetooth Controlled Portable LED Display

Dheekonda Likith Sai

The aim of the project is to make a portable LED display from SMD LEDs and to display the custom programmed patterns at our command. The core application of the project is to act as a portable display for event organisers or exhibitionists or consultants to make announcements at their mobile facilities. This can also be used as a novelty item in a showcase.

This project is demonstrated by giving an overview of what are the peripherals or hardware used and how it is initialised and used.

GPS Clock Using Arduino

Saddam Khan

GPS is a common device which is used in many electronics applications like Vehicle Tracking System, Soldier Tracking System, Traffic Navigation and Surveillance System  and many other systems. The main aim of the project is to get accurate times while using GPS Clock. GPS clock is a Universal Clock Which is mostly used at Railways Stations, Bus Stands and Airports. It is widely used for Military purposes too. In this project we are using Arduino pro mini for GPS updated clock... Arduino pro mini is an ATmega168 based microcontroller board, which is small in size and can be fitted on bread board easily. 

Flashlight Controlled Solar Powered Robot using Arduino

Willie Watson

This project is a Light gradient sensitive Robot with Solar charging capabilities, in other words it seeks out the light to charge itself. It accomplishes this behavior with a set of Four Light sensitive Photo Resistors in voltage divider circuits. The Arduino unit reads the four values which correspond to the intensity of the light received by the sensors through its analog read pins. It then applies a high voltage across a reed switch which completes a circuit between a 9v battery, and two Toy Motors, resulting in turning or moving towards the light.

These motors were not able to be activated directly with the Arduino, if you get small enough motors, the switching portion of this project may be omitted without loss of functionality. If any of the four Photodiodes is registering much higher than the others, it detects which Photodiode is receiving the heightened signal and turns or moves in that direction for as long as the heightened signal is being received. 

DIY: Make Remote Operated Light Fountain

The decorative Light Fountains are readily available in market as gift articles. Here the given project demonstrates how to operate it using TV remote (or any other remote of AC or Music System etc.)

To make it Remote Operated it needs to be modified, inside its Internal Circuits and there is also a need to build one Simple Circuit using IR Sensor to sense IR Remote Signal. For your convenience kindly follow step by step process of how to do this with the help of given images.