Arduino based Wattmeter


Ajish Alfred

This is a project based on Arduino board which can measure the power consumption of the devices. When we connect this wattmeter on to a device which is in operation, the 16*2 LCD displays its power consumption value in Watts. The project uses an Arduino pro mini board whose ADC feature is used along with the concept of Ohm’s law and Voltage Divider circuit to develop this Wattmeter.


DIY Home Automation Box with Pcduino and Arduino

A DIY project that is a home automation box created with what as brains but pcduino and arduino combo. Nice! This home automation box allows the maker to turn on or off the lights in a room or select color of a hacked oil diffuser (the oil diffuser also created by the maker and made compatible to this project), project the indoor or outdoor temperature and humidity ratings from an arduino node by using RF transmission 433Mhz or create the simple handle for alarms. Like any other amateur DIY, this one too leaves plenty of scope for your imagination. 

How iPhone Got Invented

Written By: 

Mohit Parikh

Steve Jobs, the visionary founder of Apple, had sensed an inevitable immediate threat. Cellphones. The mobile technology was evolving rapidly, there was a vast unexplored market and a number of consumer electronic giants were researching in that space. Jobs knew it was only time before someone developed a software and made the phones double as entertainment devices. And if phones could have music - and not only music but games, internet access and camera - of what use would ipods be?

Surveillance Car Controlled via DTMF


Varun Kumar

I made this project in order to build a surveillance car which can be controlled over Internet or any private network. My objective was to easily and cost effectively do something that can be used for security purposes. My car uses DTMF module which takes it’s input from mobile phone attached to the car, that mobile is not only used to generate DTMF tones but also for the surveillance by providing Live Footage from it’s cameraover the network using AirDroidConventionally, any project using DTMF requires call from another cell phone to the one attached to the project, which is not cost effective, but in case of my project I used an android app DTMF Tone Generator which generates DTMF tone, now for this to work I shared my phone’s screen over the network using VNC serverhence cost effective.To make this Idea more effective I mounted the phone on a servo motor. This gave my Camera one degree of freedom, i.e. I can move it left and right without moving the bot.

Robo Car Control over WiFi


Ganesh Selvaraj

ESP 8266 is the latest buzz on internet. It is a WiFi module which is just a bit larger than a 1 Re coin. Well that’s not what it is famous for though. What made it very popular among electronic hobbyist is its unbelievable low cost. I got it just for $5 (~300 Rs.) An arduino along with a WiFi shield would cost 10 times of what this module costs.vvvvvIt can be interfaced with any microcontroller through USART communication, meaning it just need the RX and TX pins. Another feather to its hat was added recently. The developer released the SDK files of the module and hence even the module can be re-programmed and its GPIO pins can be used independently without any additional microcontroller. But that is beyond the scope of this tutorial. We would be using the module along with Arduino UNO.

Fingerprint Detection using Microcontroller


Ganeev Singh

In today’s secure world biometric safety is on the top. Unlike other techniques which make use of passwords and numbers, that are needed to be remembered, biometric techniques make use of human body parts like fingerprints or even iris of your eyes and as we know that these things are unique to all thus it makes biometric systems the most effective over others. In this project I have interfaced a very popular fingerprint scanner R305 with AtMega 16 microcontroller. This module communicates over UART protocol with microcontroller i.e. it makes use of Rx and Tx pin of microcontroller to interact with it.

The World's First Smart Portable Car Jump Starter

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