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Transferring Files from a Windows PC to Raspberry Pi

Developed By: 

Prabakaran P.M

This article is to make the process of transferring files from a Windows PC to Raspberry Pi easier. The Raspberry Pi is connected to a Windows PC through Ethernet cable and the GUI is obtained using a VNC server. Sharing files between Raspberry Pi and Windows is often very useful for Raspberry Pi users. Whether we need to transfer media files to the Raspberry Pi or want to share some software packages. This article discusses how to enable file sharing for a folder on the Raspberry Pi running the Raspbian OS.

Microsoft developed the protocol called Common Internet File System (CIFS) for transfer of files between windows machines. The most popular implementation of CIFS in LINUX system is known as Samba and it allows Raspberry Pi to act as a CIFS file server, which allows a Windows PC to mount a folder on a Raspberry Pi and then allowing to modify(copy, delete, read and write) the files on it.


Developed By: 

Prabakaran P.M

Scratch is a programming tool for creating embedded games,stories and animations without using any written codings, rather using visually organized syntax which is in blocks with a drag-and-drop interface. One can use these blocks according to one’s requirement, scratch’s control of hardware is not only limited to the external inputs such as the keyboard and mouse.This article explains how to configure Scratch to extend its power to access GPIO(General Purpose Input and Output) of the Raspberry Pi.

Fuel Cells- Simplifying Energy

Written By: 

Shalem Pravas

The first law of thermodynamics states, “Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but can be converted from one form to another”. The first part of this law tells us that there is a fixed amount of energy in the universe whereas, the second part gives a sneak peak into how we can utilize the available energy to alter it into a form which is useful to us. The ideal case would be that the entire portion of the source energy be converted to the form of our choice.

The Arduino or Raspberry, when to use which and the Ultimate Combination

Submitted By: 

Shlomo Schwarcz

A lot of has been written on these two popular systems. Arduino had become probably the most used makers board for electronic and robotic projects and raspberry is one of the best choices when it comes to credit card sized computers.

Swapping Workspace in Ubuntu using Accelerometer and Python Script


Varun Kumar

In this project I’ll demonstrate swapping of workspace in ubuntu using accelerometer and python script. I am using wmctrl command that will take arguments according to the accelerometer values.

On hardware level this project is similar to Controlling Mouse Pointer using Python Script and Accelerometer you can check it out here.

Python libraries that are being used are Pyserial, subprocess and sys. Pyserial is used to communicate between arduino and my machine. Subprocess is used to execute bash commands in python script and sys is used to exit program using try and except block.

Field Emission Display

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Field emission display (FED) is a type of Flat Panel Display which is thinner, brighter, energy-efficient and cheaper display than liquid crystal display (LCD). FED also named as Nano Emissive Display (NED) consist of millions of accelerated electrons charged by very less voltage, compared with high voltage for large-screen, HD LCDs. These electron emitters are controlled by cold cathodes to generate colored light and are emitted towards phosphor plate and this phenomenon creates moving images. FED has a wide viewing angle and provides brightest color among plasma and other latest displays.