Electronic Power Monitor with Real Time Plotting

Soham Chetan Kamani

A majority of the wattmeter’s we see today are analog in nature. They consist of numerous moving parts and contain bulky components which not only take up space but also cost a lot of money and are not as accurate as they should be.

In this tutorial you will learn how to make a wattmeter which is purely electronic and has no moving parts. The components are also easily available at an affordable price.

Mute the Door Bell

Imagine one of those calm weekend afternoons where you are sleeping in your cozy bed and recharging yourself after the hectic schedule of the weekdays. Relaxing yourself before the evening outing with your family and friends, you totally deserve this afternoon rest, but then, suddenly someone takes your calm away by ringing the doorbell. That loud “ding-dong” is nothing less than a million pricks right on your head and the unwanted realization of never getting the same sleep again will frustrate you to the power of infinities. 

Raspberry Pi Based Digital Frame

Eternalizing memories by the way of taking pictures is one of the few old trends of the modern civilization whose origin cannot be tracked. Before the invention of cameras, memorizing people and incidents through paintings was a popular trend. Later on, with the cameras, we first came to the black and white clicks and then induced the RGB trend into them. When it came to keeping pictures as memory, photo frames did a good job for us.  All we needed was to develop the camera roll and selecting out the image to be framed. With the advent of digital cameras, we took a giant leap from camera roll to the memory card. The prints became selective, but the photo frame stayed the same. 

DIY- PIR Based Automatic Staircase Lighting

Ganesh Selvaraj

This tutorial will teach you how to make the simplest motion detecting staircase light without any need of any additional microcontroller and programming using PIR based Sensor. Passive Infrared (PIR) Sensors basically measure the Infrared light radiated by an object present in its field. All living creatures (and objects) with a temperature above absolute zero (which is 0 Kelvin or -273oC) emit heat energy in form of radiation. The PIR sensors are tuned in such a way that they detect only the radiation emitted by human beings.

Sleeping Security - Smart Keypad Lock using AtMega16

Ganeev Singh

This project is just a smart version of any keypad lock. What’s smart about it is that it can detect whether it is needed by the user or not and accordingly switches itself to take a sleep. Making a microcontroller to sleep reduces power consumption as well as increases its usage span.Many of you must be wondering that would it be secure enough to make a lock go to sleep, isn’t it. Don’t worry, when a microcontroller goes off to sleep it puts a hold on what it was doing before sleeping. In my project I have made it to sleep only when the user has finished entering the password stuff and microcontroller has done its entire job.

Controlling Appliances over WiFi and Ethernet

Ganesh Selvaraj

This a simple tutorial on how to setup your Arduino board with Ethernet shield to control your home appliances like Lights or Fans using any device (Mobile/Tablet/Laptop/Desktop) connected to your WiFi network. To get going you just need Arduino Ethernet Shield, Arduino UNO. Infact you can make use of any other Arduino board which is compatible with the Arduino Ethernet Shield. Besides this a Relay Board and a Wi FiRouter is required. So why wait pick up your kit and follow this step by step tutorial to contol your home appliances. Are you ready?