Flashlight Controlled Solar Powered Robot using Arduino

Willie Watson

This project is a Light gradient sensitive Robot with Solar charging capabilities, in other words it seeks out the light to charge itself. It accomplishes this behavior with a set of Four Light sensitive Photo Resistors in voltage divider circuits. The Arduino unit reads the four values which correspond to the intensity of the light received by the sensors through its analog read pins. It then applies a high voltage across a reed switch which completes a circuit between a 9v battery, and two Toy Motors, resulting in turning or moving towards the light.

These motors were not able to be activated directly with the Arduino, if you get small enough motors, the switching portion of this project may be omitted without loss of functionality. If any of the four Photodiodes is registering much higher than the others, it detects which Photodiode is receiving the heightened signal and turns or moves in that direction for as long as the heightened signal is being received. 

DIY: Make Remote Operated Light Fountain

The decorative Light Fountains are readily available in market as gift articles. Here the given project demonstrates how to operate it using TV remote (or any other remote of AC or Music System etc.)

To make it Remote Operated it needs to be modified, inside its Internal Circuits and there is also a need to build one Simple Circuit using IR Sensor to sense IR Remote Signal. For your convenience kindly follow step by step process of how to do this with the help of given images.

Medicine Reminder using Arduino

Saddam Khan

Sometimes patients forget to take the medicine at the required time of medicines. And sometimes patient also forgets which medicine He/She have to take at required time. And it is difficult for Doctor/Compounder to monitor patients around the clock. To avoid this problem, we have made this medicine reminder system for patients using Arduino.

In this system we have used Arduino for controlling the whole system. Working of this project is very simple. In this system ds1307 real time clock chip is used for running the time accurate and to prevent the time after light failure by using 3 volt li-on battery connected with this real time clock chip

Intelligent Letter Box using Arduino and GSM

Saddam khan

Intelligent Letter Box

In the days of technology postman still comes to our house for delivering the letters, couriers and parcels. Because some things like courier, parcels can’t sends via email and by using any other electronic media. So for getting notification of our letter delivery in our mail box here we design an intelligent mail/letter box,which provides notification of delivery of letters in our mail box via message to our mobile phones.

In this system an IR pair is used for sensing incoming letter in mail box and a GSM module for sending message to our phone. And a 16x2 LCD display for displaying time and letter box status (empty or not), delivery time, date and a real time clock circuit also is used in this system

Traffic Management for Emergency Vehicles using AT89S52 Microcontroller with RFID & IR Sensors

Durga Prasad Kolluri

Freeway Traffic Mechanism for Emergency Vehicles

These days’ traffic congestion is the biggest problem of densely populated cities. The project focuses mainly on three areas - priority mechanism for emergency vehicles like Ambulances, Fire Engines to control the traffic density for their smooth passage and monitoring the traffic junction. This project is a replica of a four way lane crossing in real time scenario. The project proposes primarily the problems faced by emergency vehicles. RFID concept is used to make green for the Ambulances lane and thus providing a stoppage free way for the Ambulance.

The secondary, importance is given to controlling the traffic density by placing IR sensors used to measure the density of vehicles which are fixed at a fixed distance. If the traffic density is high on particular side, more priority is given for the side where the vehicular traffic is more and green signal is given to this side of the traffic. By using this system traffic can be cleared without irregularities and time delays. A Wireless camera is used to monitor the vehicular traffic time and also monitor the problems which might occur at the junction. A specific allocation of time is given way for smooth passage for pedestrians. 

Android Phone Controlled Robot using Arduino

Deepesh Verma

The Android phone that stays in your hand most of the time is useful in many other applications apart from Whatsapp, Facebook; appliances; monitor your health parameters. How it would be if it can control a Robot, which can assist in your daily work. With this project you can make a robot that can be controlled by an Android Phone, over Bluetooth Communication.The robot is built around Arduino interfaced with a Bluetooth receiver to receive commands from Android Phone.The basic Block diagram of the system is as:

The operation being very simple, as the app on the phone transmits data serially over a Bluetooth connection established between it and the receiver.The commands are received and are processed according to the program fed into Arduino, upon which the further controlling is done. Motors are given instructions, in the way user commands them through his phone.