Intelligent Letter Box using Arduino and GSM

Saddam khan

Intelligent Letter Box

In the days of technology postman still comes to our house for delivering the letters, couriers and parcels. Because some things like courier, parcels can’t sends via email and by using any other electronic media. So for getting notification of our letter delivery in our mail box here we design an intelligent mail/letter box,which provides notification of delivery of letters in our mail box via message to our mobile phones.

In this system an IR pair is used for sensing incoming letter in mail box and a GSM module for sending message to our phone. And a 16x2 LCD display for displaying time and letter box status (empty or not), delivery time, date and a real time clock circuit also is used in this system

Traffic Management for Emergency Vehicles using AT89S52 Microcontroller with RFID & IR Sensors

Durga Prasad Kolluri

Freeway Traffic Mechanism for Emergency Vehicles

These days’ traffic congestion is the biggest problem of densely populated cities. The project focuses mainly on three areas - priority mechanism for emergency vehicles like Ambulances, Fire Engines to control the traffic density for their smooth passage and monitoring the traffic junction. This project is a replica of a four way lane crossing in real time scenario. The project proposes primarily the problems faced by emergency vehicles. RFID concept is used to make green for the Ambulances lane and thus providing a stoppage free way for the Ambulance.

The secondary, importance is given to controlling the traffic density by placing IR sensors used to measure the density of vehicles which are fixed at a fixed distance. If the traffic density is high on particular side, more priority is given for the side where the vehicular traffic is more and green signal is given to this side of the traffic. By using this system traffic can be cleared without irregularities and time delays. A Wireless camera is used to monitor the vehicular traffic time and also monitor the problems which might occur at the junction. A specific allocation of time is given way for smooth passage for pedestrians. 

Android Phone Controlled Robot using Arduino

Deepesh Verma

The Android phone that stays in your hand most of the time is useful in many other applications apart from Whatsapp, Facebook; appliances; monitor your health parameters. How it would be if it can control a Robot, which can assist in your daily work. With this project you can make a robot that can be controlled by an Android Phone, over Bluetooth Communication.The robot is built around Arduino interfaced with a Bluetooth receiver to receive commands from Android Phone.The basic Block diagram of the system is as:

The operation being very simple, as the app on the phone transmits data serially over a Bluetooth connection established between it and the receiver.The commands are received and are processed according to the program fed into Arduino, upon which the further controlling is done. Motors are given instructions, in the way user commands them through his phone.

How to use UART in ARM Cortex-M3 LPC1768


This Project demonstrates how to use UART in ARM Cortex-M3 LPC1768. In this project we are doing serial communication between PC and LPC1768 Board using MAX232. We are using 9600 baud rate for serial communication. Here data will be sent by PC (Teraterm) and on the other end we are receiving data in LPC1768 Microcontroller Board. Data received in microcontroller now will be sent back again to PC to show on terminal.

Zigbee Based Alerting System for Mine Workers

Durga Prasad Kolluri

Industrial safety is one of the main aspects of industry specially mining industry. In the mining industry safety is a very vital factor. To avoid loss of material and damaging of human health, protection system as well as faithful communication system is necessary inside the underground mines. To increase both safety and productivity in mines, a reliable communication must be established between workers, moving in the mine, and a fixed base station. Inside mines, the wired communication system is not so effective, because of wires can be damaged inside mines. In this project we are going to monitor the Mine parameters like abnormal gas, temperature and fire sensors to avoid the harmful gas or high temperature attacking the Mine workers. In this  project  to avoid loss of material and damaging of human health in mine workers because of using text to voice converter .The text to voice converter gives continues information inside the mine workers and also cameras are used to video monitoring

Remote Temperature Monitoring System

A. M. Bhatt

The temperature controller or monitoring system is one of the most required systems in almost all processing and manufacturing industries. Here, the given application demonstrates completely new kind of temperature monitoring and control system. It monitors temperature, display it, send signal wirelessly to remote monitoring node and give alarm signal to this remote node when temperature exceeds beyond critical limit.